Misty Upham Missing: ‘Django Unchained’ Actress’ Parents Fear Suicide

Misty Upham has been missing since October 5, and now several reports have surfaced claiming that her family fears that she may have committed suicide.

Misty Upham

Misty Upham vanished from her sister’s apartment in the Muckleshoot reservation near Auburn, Washington on October 5, and has not been seen or heard from ever since.

According to the star’s dad Charles Upham, she has been battling mental illness and depression for several years. In a statement released by the worried father, he explained that the last time he and his wife saw Misty, she made suicide threats.

Mr Upham called the authorities, but by the time they got to the home, the Edge of America actress was already gone. Charles Upham said that his 32-year-old daughter told him hours before she went missing:

“You and mom don’t have to worry about more anymore.”

Upham shared that the Django Unchained actress often had suicidal thoughts in the past, but never attempted to take her life. Mr Upham who recently moved to Washington with his wife and daughters after suffering a stroke, said:

“She used to make suicide threats sometimes, but she never went through with it.”

But this time around, he is very concerned because she not only talked about killing herself, but she has gone missing.

Misty Upham’s parents say she was behaving erratically prior to leaving her sister’s home. Charles Upham further explained that the Dreamkeeper star had recently changed medication and this may have made her condition worse.

While the family is beyond scared, Cmdr. Steve Stocker from the Auburn Police Department said that Upham was not considered endangered.

Misty Upham who was nominated in 2008 for an Independent Spirit Award for her role in Frozen River, last appeared on Twitter on October 1st. Miss Upham wrote about how happy she was to meet her newborn niece. She tweeted:

My sister-in-law started labor pains! My new niece Bella Jordan Upham will soon come into this world!!!

She also spoke about the passing of film editor Cara Silverman , who worked on He’s Just Not That Into You and Big Miracle.

And she blasted the cruel pranksters, who killed a little bird and tied it to a tree in the reservation.

Anyone with information on Misty Upham is asked to call the Auburn police department at (253) 288-2121, case no. 14-13189.


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