Charlie Sheen And Brett Rossi Wedding Might Get Called Off

Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi’s wedding might be off, according to reports. Insiders claim that Sheen is partying every night and Rossi fears that he is fooling around with other women. The situation is so tense between the pair that the famous actor has been contemplating a cancellation of the wedding.

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If you go to Las Vegas, do not bet on Charlie Sheen and Brett Rossi‘s forthcoming wedding.

A so called friend of the actor conducted an interview with celebrity website Radar Online and revealed that there is serious trouble in paradise.

The source said that the former star of CBS’ hit comedy “Two and a Half Men,” is a party animal who invited friends to his Hollywood mansion every night.

The ex porn star whose real name is Scottine Rossi got fed up of the noisy invasion of her home and demanded that Sheen stops.

Instead of quitting his bad habit, Sheen decided to go clubbing as often as possible with a group of friends.

The “Anger Management” actor’s fiancée also believes that his entourage is leading him in the wrong path.

The anonymous friend told the publication:

Rossi has allegedly banished Sheen’s pals from the Mulholland Estates mansion, leaving the former Two and a Half Men Star to take his antics outside the home.

According to the unnamed source, the model is starting to regret her decision to ban her future husband from partying at home.

Rossi has discovered that her lover enjoys the company of beautiful ladies when he is out.

Angered by that piece of news, she spends hours calling and texting him to come back home when he is out having fun. She has even ordered him to wear a wedding band so other women can understand that he is taken.

Frustrated by the constant nagging, the three time divorcee has started telling his close friends that he is ready to call off the wedding.

Another source of conflict: the size of the wedding set to take place on November 22nd.

When the pair became engaged in February, they originally agreed to a small ceremony with the help of Sheen’s friend and wedding planner.

But the former adult film star has fired the small time wedding planner and is now demanding a grandiose event, which will have all Hollywood talking.

Taking all these elements into consideration, it would take a miracle for Sheen and Rossi’s wedding to actually take place.


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