Sadie Robertson Says Live ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Different From Scripted ‘Duck Dynasty’

Sadie Robertson’s Dancing with the Stars: season 19 stint is turning into a huge success. In the latest developments, the Duck Dynasty star is enjoying her temporary partner Derek Hough and she may have suggested that her family reality show is scripted.

Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson and her new partner Derek Hough will be doing the Charleston on next week’s episode of Dancing with the Stars. The 17-year-old is happy that fans of the show have picked Hough as her new partner. After the pairing was confirmed, Robertson posted the following message on Instagram:

Thanks for putting us together America we are having fun in Louisiana … Ps I got @derekhough to do #thequackpack move todaymissing @bethanynoelm & @markballas though!

Mark Ballas will be dancing hip-hop with Bethany Mota who is Robertson’s co-host on the web series The Badie Show. On the most recent episode of The Badie Show, Willie Robertson‘s daughter revealed that she was happy America chose not to partner her up with Val Chmerkovskiy because she finds him very intimidating.

The young DWTS contestant said:

“Yeah, I’m, like, intimidated by him. I really am. I don’t know, he’s so scary to me.”

Mota added that she found Chmerkovskiy to be a very intense character. The dancing professional did not take the remarks in a negative way, instead turned them into something completely different. The 28-year-old DWTS pro tweeted:

Intimidated?! It’s all love ladies! 😉

Chmerkovskiy even retweeted a post from one commentator who suggested that the two teenagers found the dancer attractive as the reason for the intimidation.

Other than the Chmerkovskiy comment, the web series may have confirmed what some have been saying for a while, Duck Dynasty is scripted. On the first episode of The Badie Show, it seems that Robertson admitted that Duck Dynasty is a scripted reality show. The reality TV star stated:

“We get to record it like 10 different times if we mess up. This is like, you get one shot. If you mess up, 15 million people see it.”

Robertson’s confession did not seem to surprise many TV viewers who believe there is not much reality left in those shows.


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