Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Join ‘Passengers,’ Actress Getting Paid $8 Million

Actresses calling for equal pay in Hollywood might have been heard because Jennifer Lawrence is set to make $8 million more than Chris Pratt in their upcoming movie, Passengers. It has been announced that Lawrence will be getting the impressive amount of $20 million against 30 percent of the profit after the film breaks even while Pratt will earn $12 million.

jennifer lawrence 8 million pratt

Jennifer Lawrence should send Patricia Arquette flowers and a thank-you note for being able to make $8 million more than Chris Prat.

Back in February, Patricia Arquette made headlines after using her Oscars speech to demand wage equality in all sectors, especially in Hollywood.

The Boyhood star’s call for equal pay came after hackers leaked thousands of Sony emails revealing that actresses like Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were making way less than their male co-stars. Arquette said at the time:

“To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez gave Arquette a standing ovation. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told the media that she agreed with the star and added that it is something that she has on the top of her agenda if she wins the 2016 election.

By the looks of things, Arquette might have cracked the equal pay glass ceiling. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have signed on to star in the upcoming movie called Passengers, and she will be getting $8 million more than the actor.

Pratt was supposed to receive $10 million, but his salary went up to $12 million thanks to the record-breaking flick, Jurassic World. Lawrence is getting an exceptional $20 million against 30 percent of the profit after the movie breaks even, according to reports.

Passengers, which has been sitting around for years, was supposed to star Reese Witherspoon, Keanu Reeves, and Rachel McAdams, but they all left the project. The flick will begin production in September thanks to Sony Pictures’ new chairman Tom Rothman.

The big-budget drama/romantic is set in space and will be directed by Morten Tyldum.

What are your thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence’s salary?


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