I Am Cait Canceled: Caitlyn Jenner’s Show Outed Over Poor Ratings

i am cait canceled

Caitlyn Jenner‘s TV show I Am Cait is reportedly getting canceled after two seasons on E!. Sources believe that low ratings are responsible for the ending of the controversial documentary series, which chronicled Jenner’s transition from man to woman.

The former Olympian, who was previously known as Bruce, announced her transition in April 2015 during a record-breaking interview with famous ABC journalist Diane Sawyer.

Although it tackled important issues regarding the transgender community in America, I Am Cait never lived up to the hype. Television experts say that the series never developed an attractive identity to broaden its appeal to a wider audience.

Additionally, Jenner fought with the transgender community over her support for right-leaning policies. For example, she is backing Republican Donald Trump over Democratic candidate for president Hillary Clinton, who is seen as more friendly to the needs of the LGBTQ movement.


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