Peggy Noonan Says Donald Trump Acts Insane In Op-Ed

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Peggy Noonan, the conservative writer for the Wall Street Journal, penned an Op-Ed, where she said that Donald Trump might be insane because of some of his actions.

Noonan, a former speechwriter and special assistant to former President Ronald Reagan, said in her piece that she has come to the conclusion that the real estate mogul is incapable of listening to advisers, experts, or even his family members when they tell him to stop doing or saying certain things.

Like the rest of the world, the former reporter is baffled as to why Trump fought with a gold star family. According to Noonan, Mr. Trump is a stubborn and clueless man, who insults his opponents or people he deems are losers, makes nonfactual comments and constantly shoots himself in the foot because he ignores the advice given to him. She wrote:

“It must be said that all this is so strange on so many levels. Donald Trump is said to be in love with the idea of success, dividing the world between winners and losers. But he just won big and couldn’t take yes for an answer.”

She continued:

“He got it all, was the unique outsider who shocked the entire political class with his rise. He should be the happiest man in the world, not besieged and full of complaint. All he had to do was calm down, build bridges, reach out, reassure, be gracious. In fairness, he could not unite the party. That isn’t possible now—it is a divided party, which is why it had 17 candidates. Mr. Trump won with just less than half the vote, an achievement in a field that big, but also while representing policies that the formal leadership of the party in Washington finds anathema. He was the candidate who would control illegal immigration, who wouldn’t cut entitlements, who opposes an interventionist foreign policy, who thinks our major trade deals have not benefited Americans on the ground. And he won, big time.”

Noonan concluded with these words:

“I end with a new word, at least new to me. A friend called it to my attention. It speaks of the moment we’re in. It is “kakistocracy,” from the Greek. It means government by the worst persons, by the least qualified or most unprincipled. We’re on our way there, aren’t we? We’re going to have to make our way through it together.”

Many critics have started to question Trump’s sanity in recent days.


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