Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump On Key Consumer Survey Question

Clinton Trump consumer survey

Hillary Clinton is beating Donald Trump in a new consumer survey. The University of Michigan’s monthly survey of consumers, which was published on August 12, shows that 39 percent of households believe that Mrs. Clinton will be the winner of the presidential election over Mr. Trump.

In July, only 27 percent said that Clinton would win. During the survey, the households were not asked about their political preferences. The experts at the University of Michigan explained that participants tend to give more honest answers when their political affiliation remains unknown. According to the University:

“Psephologists have shown that asking people who they think will win an election yields more accurate results than asking each individual for whom they plan to vote. The Democratic nominee’s upped her lead in the consumer survey amid a slew of national and battleground-state polls pointing to the increasing likelihood of a Clinton presidency.”

Richard Curtin, director of the Michigan survey, went on to reveal that households, who expected Clinton to become the next president, are more confident about the direction of the country. He said:

“Concerns about Brexit have faded amid rising references to the outcome of the presidential election as a source of uncertainty about future economic prospects.Increasing uncertainty probably reflects each candidate’s focus on the negative economic outcomes if the other candidate is elected.”

In early August, most polling aggregations had the election as a toss-up.


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