Rudy Giuliani Goes All In For Donald Trump In CNN Interview With Chris Cuomo

Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani accepts every word that comes out of Donald Trump‘s mouth and is not afraid to appear on live television to defend the leader of his party. On Thursday, the former mayor of New York City sat down for a lengthy interview with CNN host Chris Cuomo were the main topics where Trump’s decision to call President Obama and Hillary Clinton, the co-founders of ISIS, and his Second Amendment comment.

Asked why did the real estate mogul allude to the assassination his political opponent. Mr. Giuliani defended Trump by explaining that he was on the plane with him after he made the remarks and is confident that the nominee was only trying to get gun owners to go out to vote. Giuliani blamed the media for spinning and twisting Trump’s words. He said:

“You don’t give him a fair shot. You take his words, and you parse them, and you take them apart.I was on the plane with him when they called him and said to him, ‘they’re accusing you of saying ‘Kill Hillary Clinton.’ He said, ‘What? I didn’t say that.'”

Giuliani attempted to change the conversation by reminding viewers that during the 2008 election, Clinton made headlines by saying that she was staying in the race because Bobby Kennedy was not assassinated until June 1968. Cuomo replied by saying:

“You know what she did after she said that? She apologized.”

When Cuomo asked his fellow New Yorker, why doesn’t Trump apologize for making hurtful and inaccurate comments? He replied by:

“Because he wasn’t wrong! Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris. He didn’t encourage them to do that. He was saying don’t vote for her. It’s the Clinton spin machine.”

The two men had a very lengthy back and forth over Trump’s outrageous decision to repeat over and over that Obama is the head of a horrific terrorist organization. The Republican politician explained:

“I think what he’s saying there is legitimate political commentary. Before Obama, ISIS was an almost unknown, small little organization. … And here’s why it happened: because he withdrew the troops from Iraq.”

Asked about Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, Giuliani deflected and wondered why are Clinton’s emails are being ignored. He stated:

“It is nothing in comparison to the 35,000 emails that she destroyed.”

Giuliani concluded the interview by taking a shot at the so-called liberal media by saying:

“You think I was treated fairly as the Republican mayor of New York City?”

You can watch the entire interview below.


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