Season 6 Teasers Are Out And ‘American Horror Story’ Fans Are Still Lost

Season 6 teasers American Horror Story

Eleven season 6 teasers are out for America’s favorite freak show – American Horror Story. In less than a month, the monster of a series will premiere on FX and the question on everybody’s mind is, what kind of madness will occur in season 6?

Will viewers see a man getting his head stapled, will there be a nightmarish scene featuring Lady Gaga torturing someone with hooks and chains or a woman being grabbed by a shadow or a crib running down stairs into darkness? No one knows.

Despite the fact that Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator was generous enough to offer not one, not two, but 11 teasers, it is not clear what the new season will entail. One teaser featured a demonic baby; another had a strange alien-like monster emerging from the mist.

However, the scariest of all the promotional trailers featured wind chimes made with human teeth, yes you have read correctly. While another teaser revealed an alien abduction and it sent fans into a frenzy wondering, will Evan Peters be back?

There is always the possibility that the aliens kept Kit alive and used him for creepy experiments. Gaga and Emma Roberts will be back in the new season at least as guests.

With so many teasers, why is it so hard to understand the theme of the new season? The answer, Murphy is an evil man playing with fans. According to the writer, the teasers are like pieces of a puzzle or clues that are “purposely disconnected to avoid any potential spoilers.”

Fans should stop trying to put the pieces together because they will never fit. FX boss John Landgraf revealed that “only one of the final teasers is an accurate depiction of the Season 6 theme, while the others are just to throw off viewers.” He added:

“We decided that it would just be really this year we just thought it would be really fun to keep it a mystery this year. And we are. They went out and made many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of ‘American Horror Story.’ One of them is accurate.”

Everything will be clearer and scarier on September 14 when the show returns.


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