Donald Trump Slams Hillary Clinton With #WheresHillary

donald trump

Donald Trump has a big problem with Hillary Clinton‘s sleeping habits. For the second time this month, the Republican nominee took issue with the fact that Mrs. Clinton like all other human beings on Earth sometimes sleeps.

Late Friday night, the real estate mogul took to Twitter where he asked, where is Clinton? Is she sleeping? He wrote:

A Clinton aide replied by saying that she was not sleeping, she was, in fact, having fun while “dining at a Martha’s Vineyard restaurant, celebrating her husband, former President Bill Clinton‘s 70th birthday.”

Last week, Mr. Trump told an audience in Florida that Clinton sleeps too much and is, therefore, unfit to be president. While talking to the National Association of Home Builders, Mr. Trump stated:

“She’s voted for tax increases, and by the way, she’s proposing a big one today in her speech, her Teleprompter speech. (laughter) Her speeches are so short though. They don’t last long. They’re like ten minutes and lets get out of here. Go back home and go to sleep. (laughter) Three days later she gets up and does another one and goes back home and goes to sleep.”

Many believe that Trump is bringing up the former Secretary of State’s sleeping routines as an indirect way to question her health and to say she lacks the stamina to be POTUS. The Clinton campaign bashed Trump for his comments by saying:

“These are deranged conspiracy theories.”

According to reports, Mr. Trump sleeps less than four hours per night.


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