GOP Unleashes Hillary Clinton’s ‘Liberal Elite Summer Tour 2016’ Ad

GOP knocks Clinton for fundraising spree

The Republican National Committee has released a rather strange ad where they are attacking after Hillary Clinton, not for her political views, but for the fact that she is going around the country to fundraise.

It is unexpected because politicians on both sides of the aisles including Donald Trump have been fundraising. In fact, the Republican National Committee’s fundraising efforts brought in $27.2 million in July.

This is far less than the amount that Mitt Romney brought in around the same time in 2012. The 20-second ad entitled “Hillary Clinton’s liberal elite summer tour of fundraising” featured the voice of a woman explaining that the former secretary of state plans to travel to Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Greenwich, to meet with mega-donors. The ad concluded that Mrs. Clinton is out of touch.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus issued a statement after the video was released. He said:

“Clinton’s fundraising swing as indicative of who she’s fighting for, while questioning her decision not to visit Louisiana in the wake of disastrous flooding there. Rather than visit flood-ravaged Louisiana or end her more than 250-day streak without a press conference, she’s taking her private jet from coast to coast raking in piles of campaign cash to fund her status quo campaign.”

He added:

“Donald Trump is the candidate of true change in this election, and he is leading a grassroots movement to put an end to business as usual in Washington and make a difference in the lives of all Americans.”

Friday, Trump and Mike Pence visited Louisiana and Detroit where he delivered a speech that angered many African-Americans.


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