Kelly Ayotte Targeted By Michael Bloomberg PAC For Backing Trump

Kelly Ayotte Donald Trump Ad

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte is starting to pay a hefty price for her decision to back Donald Trump. The controversial Republican Party nominee for president is a drag for some GOP politicians running in swing states.

In a new spot, Independence USA PAC, which was founded by billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, goes after Ayotte for still supporting Trump. The senator has built her career on the idea that she is an independent voice in Congress.

Democratic candidate Maggie Hassan is currently leading the Republican incumbent in most polls. Hillary Clinton is also beating Trump in the state. Ayotte has been trying for months to make a difference between voting for Trump and endorsing him. She recently told local media:

“There’s a presidential race going on. I’ve said that I’m going to be voting for our nominee but I’ve also been quite clear when I have disagreements with him, which I will continue to do.”

However, the narrator in the ad does not seem to be convinced by her stance, the voice stated:

“Why does Kelly Ayotte still support Donald Trump for President? Independent minded Republicans across America put principle ahead of party and said no to Trump. But not Kelly Ayotte. She says she still supports Trump. If she’s so independent, why is she still supporting Trump.”

With more ads like this one, Bloomberg might help Democrats win back the Senate, according to experts.


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