Nicolas Sarkozy Announces Presidential Election Run In France

Nicolas Sarkozy presidential election

Nicolas Sarkozy wants his old job back and has joined the French presidential election race. The announcement was made on Monday, and this is something that many people were expecting.

Sarkozy will take part in the November 20 primary of Les Republicains, the conservative party that is hoping to replace President François Hollande. The unpopular leader of the European nation beat Sarkozy in a close race in 2012 but was not able to deliver on most of his campaign promises. Hollande’s administration was marked by rising unemployment, terrorism, and failed economic reforms. Same-sex marriage is one of the only areas where the current French president managed to find some success although close to half of the country was opposed to the idea.

Sarkozy used the release of his book “Everything for France” this week to share the news with his supporters. He took to social media and wrote:

“I have decided to be a candidate for the 2017 presidential election. I felt I had the strength to lead this battle at a troubled time in our history.”

The former president is joining 12 other candidates seeking to win the nomination of their party. Alain Juppé, the 70-year-old mayor of Bordeaux and a former prime minister in Jacques Chirac‘s first administration, is currently leading Sarkozy in the polls. Juppé, who is described as quiet and intelligent, is the opposite of the controversial and hyperactive Sarkozy.

With the threat of Islamist terrorism that the country is facing, security is believed to be one of the main arguments presented by Mr. Sarkozy. Hollande is expected to run for the nomination of the Socialist Party in early 2017 although many members of the center-left coalition of his party are trying to discourage him. His numbers are abysmal, and the country no longer believes in his leadership.

According to experts, Les Republicains will likely return to power in May 2017.


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