Plane Crash: Phoenix Skydivers, Pilot Survive Fiery Incident


A plane crash in Phoenix left four skydivers, a pilot, and two residents injured. According to Arizona police, Saturday evening, a small plane made a crash landing into a house in Gilbert, a suburb in the southeast of Phoenix.

The Cessna 182 aircraft was carrying a pilot and four skydivers, who were scheduled to take part in Gilbert’s annual Constitution Fair. The pilot, who is also a skydiver, was also set to perform at the small town’s Constitution Fair.

It is not known why but the plane burst into flames forcing the pilot to eject from it. The four skydivers, who already had their parachutes on, were able to do the same.

The plane crashed into a home located on the 400 block of Baylor Lane, near Gilbert and Ray roads. The husband and wife, who were at home during the incident, ran out to safety.

Officials from the Gilbert Fire and Rescue Department, who rushed to the scene, said no one suffered life-threatening injuries, but explained that the house will have to be razed down because it can not be repaired.

Federal investigators are trying to understand what caused the plane to catch on fire before plummeting into the home. Gilbert Fire Department spokesman Gary Hildebrandt said:

“The National Transportation Safety Board personnel went to the crash site and that firefighters are assisting in the investigation. The plane’s occupants were able bail out and parachute to safety before the aircraft struck the house.”

According to Hildebrandt, the pilot suffered burns to his forearms and is at a local hospital. Jeri Kimbro, a neighbor, who witnessed the crash, told local media:

“My husband and I were on our swing outside watching this plane go around, and all of a sudden, we heard this big bang and we saw the plane catch on fire. It was on fire pretty bad. There were pieces of it on fire everywhere. We watched it go down. It was really sad. We’re praying for their families.”

Mason Paulette, another Phoenix resident, told reporters that he saw a “ball of flame” shooting down from the sky. Paulette said:

“It’s not something you want to see.”

The community is still thankful for the outcome.


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