David Simon: Town Hall Tweet Was Sarcasm Against Sean Hannity


David Simon‘s tweet about a town hall hosted by Sean Hannity where Donald Trump will discuss matters confronting black America has sparked outrage.

Mr. Simon felt insulted that Hannity, a white man, who works on the Fox News Channel, would be moderating a town hall that will focus solely on issues that are affecting the African-American community.

Simon took to Twitter to call out the conservative author and did it by using one of the most controversial words in the English language, ni*ga.

Mr. Hannity is set to host on Wednesday a town hall meeting in a church in Cleveland, Ohio where he will ask Trump questions on topics such as gun violence, unemployment, and his faith.

Simon, a writer, and producer has worked for over 12 years as a reporter at the Baltimore Sun City Desk. He has penned many books and has worked on numerous television series that focused on the black community.

Some of his most famous projects include The Wire, Treme, and Homicide: Life on the Street. Simon has been very vocal in social media about the shootings of unarmed black men and the rise of Trump.

By the looks of things, the author was enraged that the cable news network did not pick a black person to host the event. He sent out a tweet, which contained the N-word and the first names of author Ta-Nehisi Coates or “Black Lives Matter” activist DeRay McKesson. The tweet reads:

“Hannity my nigga! If they couldn’t get Ta-Nehisi or Deray to host, then who but you on the pulse of black America?”

The tweet went viral with thousands of people blasting Simon for using the N-word. One person told Simon:

“Hello, fellow white person! I see you are using racially loaded in-group vernacular! Might I suggest rethinking this idea?”

Simon replied by:

“Spelled with the A. Used as sarcasm against Sean Hannity as the birther candidates interlocutor to black voters? I’ll play it.”

Another critic tweeted at the writer:

“This wasn’t okay. You know better, you should do better.”

Simon defended himself:

“I don’t honestly agree. Use of the wrong racial vernacular was precise intended metaphor for use of wrong racial interlocutor.”

Hannity hit Simon with a tweet of his own, which read:

“Maybe it’s just your ignorance about conservatives, or maybe you are just a malicious asshole. Either way idc. Night.”

Hannity’s town hall will take place at the Cleveland Heights church in Ohio. Pastor Darrell Scott is the leader of that church; he is also a strong Trump supporter, who has appeared numerous times on CNN where he had heated arguments with Hillary Clinton‘s supporters.

The event is being advertised as follows:

“A Midwest Values and Vision Pastors Leadership Conference with Donald Trump.”

Asked if the media will be present or will people living in the area be allowed to take part in the town hall, the Trump campaign and the pastor declined to answer. Scott said in a brief statement:

“Trump will meet with a large statewide group of pastors from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. It’s a town hall meeting on African-American concerns.”

Some of Trump supporters are claiming that there would be a bigger uproar in the media if one of them did something similar.


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