Kate Simses Leaves ‘Dr. Ken’ As Sitcom Goes In New Direction

Kate Simses Dr Ken

Did Kate Simses leave ABC’s hit comedy series, Dr. Ken? This is a question that has sparked many conversations in social media after last night’s season premiere.

The 37-year-old Mixology actress played an important part in the success of the first season of the show. Her character, Julie, rapidly became a fan favorite.

In the episode titled “Allison’s Career Move,” Julie is briefly mentioned. Ken told a patient that she left to do a pediatric fellowship. This seems to confirm a change of direction in the sitcom. Allison took a big decision that will now put her in the middle of her husband Ken’s professional life.

All signs point to a Season 2 of Dr. Ken with the focus being centered around the lead character and his interaction with his family. Moreover, D.K. Park, Ken’s father portrayed by Dana Lee, is expected to play a bigger role in the new structure of the sitcom.

With those changes, Simses’ character would have become a minor factor. The Alphabet network has not put out a statement about the actress’ departure from the show, but unless there is a big twist, it appears that she will not be returning.

Actors typically leave successful shows over contractual disputes or creative differences. Since her character was quite popular and was a great addition to the program, Simses’ departure may be linked to the former. Either way, fans have taken to social networking sites to voice their sadness over the comedian’s exit. Here are some of the comments that addressed the matter.

DrKenABC Why did you get rid of Kate Simses?

Happy DrKenABC is back. disappointed that KateSimses is no longer on the show.

KateSimses Missed not seeing you on Dr Ken tonight! It won’t be the same without you!

WAIT! What, is there no KateSimses on DrKen anymore? Come on, she was my favorite on the show

In 2015, Simses appeared in the romantic comedy It Had to Be You directed by Sasha Gordon.


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