Pope: Gender Identity Teachings Are ‘Against Nature’


Pope Francis is against gender identity teachings, but he still wants the world to have sympathy for trans people. Pope Francis often makes controversial moves and statements when traveling abroad.

While the pope was received like a rock star in America, he caused an uproar by meeting with Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who made headlines by the fighting against same-sex marriage. He also rattled some conservatives by meeting with Yayo Grassi, who is openly gay and is a former classmate of the pontiff from Argentina.

This week while flying back from a three-day trip to Georgia and Azerbaijan, the pope shared his thoughts on gender identity teachings after meeting a father, who shared an interesting story with him.

The pope said that he recently met a French man, who told him that his young son, stated that he wanted to become a girl. When the father asked the child, why did he say something like that? He responded saying he had read about a girl who became a boy and wanted to do the same. The pope told the journalists onboard the flight:

“This is against nature. It is one thing when someone has this tendency … and it is another matter to teach this in school. To change the mentality — I call this ideological colonization.”

While he is against gender identity teachings in schools, the pope said he still spends time with transgender people and tries to guide them towards Jesus Christ. He went on to tell reporters that homosexuals and transsexuals should be treated like all other humans – with love and respect.

He also asked that trans people be welcomed and integrated into the church and society. He added:

“It is no magic power which comes down from heaven and nor is it a special force for solving life’s problems”.

The pope urged reporters:

“Please don’t write ‘The pope blesses trans.’ Please”.

Over the summer, Pope Francis made similar remarks where he said gender identity theory is terrible, he stated:

“Today, in schools they are teaching this to children — to children! — that everyone can choose his or her gender.”

New Ways Ministry, a Catholic LGBT advocacy group, slammed the pope by saying:

“The pontiff’s remarks are further evidence that church officials need desperately to educate themselves about the lives and experiences of LGBT people. Nobody chooses a gender identity. They discover it.”

The pope also spoke about the 2016 election campaign saying, “the people are sovereign.” He added:

“I never say a word about electoral campaigns.The people are sovereign. I will only say: Study the proposals well, pray and choose in conscience.”

The pope’s “ideological colonization” remark has sparked an intense conversation online.


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