Jaxon The Dog: Hometown Hero Award Goes To Pug For Saving Home


Jaxon the dog is a “Hometown Hero,” and is being applauded by a family and an entire community. Thank goodness, Mikaela Sebree understands exactly what her dog, Jaxon, is trying to say when he barks. This understanding saved her family and their home.

Sebree, who resides in Meridian, Idaho, explained that one night as she, her husband, Todd Lavoie, and their young children were sleeping when they heard Jaxon barking.

Sebree said she can read through the 11-year-old dog’s barks and immediately understood that something was wrong. Sebree explained:

“Dogs have different kinds of barks, so he has his ‘somebody’s at the door’ bark and then he has his ‘holy crap something’s happening’ bark.”

Mr. Lavoie rushed downstairs and discovered that there were sparks on an outlet. When he saw that the sparks were growing into flames, he rapidly grabbed a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

The family called 911 and reported the incident. Members of the Meridian Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene. Meridian fire chief Mark Niemeyer said:

“Certainly his actions and the actions of this dog saved that house from potentially igniting and catching on fire and going up into walls and up into the attic and causing significant damage.”

The dog became a local celebrity and appeared on the nightly news with his grateful owners. For saving his family, Jaxon was given Meridian’s “Hometown Hero Award.” Jaxon is the first nonhuman to receive that “Hometown Hero Award.”
The adorable pug wagged his tail and played with Sebree as he was being praised for his heroic actions. The animal also earned an official probationary firefighter badge from the Meridian Fire Department. Lavoie said:

“Jaxon is definitely a super pug; he deserves the hometown hero. He saved our house; he saved our lives, and he saved our memories.”

Online commenters have praised the dog’s efforts.


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