Ramzan Kadyrov’s Sons MMA Fights Draw Rebuke


Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Chechen Republic, pushed his sons to be MMA fighters and is now being slammed. Kadyrov took to Instagram this week where he posted several videos of his young children – Akhmad, 10, Eli, 9, and Adam, 8 – in the ring, well more like a cage, kicking and punching other boys.

The little kids stepped in the ring with roaring music to the cheers of dozens of adults – many of whom were sporting military fatigues. Kadyrov was also present during the MMA fights, which were televised for all Russia to watch. The matches included adult commentators detailing every blow.

Wearing shorts, no gloves or any other type of protection, Kadyrov’s sons obliterated their opponents. However, the little boys also took many hits in their chests and heads. Tuesday, Akhmad won his battle via a technical knockout. Eli and Adam were also victors of their fights as their father clapped and laughed.

Leading Russian MMA professional Fedor Emelianenko took to social media to slam the concept of having children involved in mixed martial arts fights. Emelianenko said on social media:

“The fights are unacceptable and dangerous; the children risked permanent injury and psychological harm.”

He added:

“Children under the age of 12 should not be allowed to take part in any MMA fights and that anyone under the age of 21 must wear a helmet and protective gear for safety reasons. The children in the televised bouts fought bare-headed. In at least one case, a child received a heavy blow to the head.”

Kadyrov, who once challenged members of his administration to a boxing match, certainly does not have any problems taking part in the bloody sports. Kadyrov, who is the founder of the Akhmat Fight Club, said on social media:

“My son showed real masculine character, and I’m sure there are victorious fights ahead.”

The inauguration of Kadyrov as the Chechen leader was on Wednesday – the day he turned 40. He is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In November, he was re-elected with a whopping 98 percent of the vote – the reason? Not voting for him can cost a Chechen their life. Over the years, Kadyrov has been accused of murders and forced disappearances.

It is firmly believed that he dabbles in corruption, theft of public funds, and protection of murderers and people involved in illegal trafficking of humans and drugs.


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