Florida Parachutist Dies After 1,200-Foot Fall From Plane


A parachutist dies after falling more than 1,200 feet, according to Florida authorities, and the story has people talking.

The deadly accident took place at the Marion County Airport at Dunnellon Field on Friday afternoon. The name of the parachutist has not been revealed because authorities said they had not yet notified his family.

Marion County Sheriff’s spokesperson Valerie Strong shared the following information about the parachutist. He was an expert in his field and a member of the U.S. Army.

The man was a jumpmaster – which means that he was an instructor, who was part of the Airborne Unit and taught various military techniques such as static line and freefall jump. A jumpmaster is also responsible for training soldiers, who enter Army Airborne School into paratroopers. Duties and responsibilities of a jumpmaster are as follows:

“Jumpmasters are responsible for transforming Soldiers who enter Army Airborne School into Paratroopers and leading Airborne jump operations in Airborne units across all branches of services. Jumpmasters make sure each and every Paratrooper is proficient at the following Airborne operational techniques:

Day/Night Combat Equipment Jump
Parachute Safety
Parachute Deployment
Parachute Control
Airplane Procedures
Static-Line Jump
Landing Techniques

Duties of a Jumpmaster include:

Organizing and mustering their “stick” or “chalk” of jumpers.
Inspecting all items of equipment prior to loading of the aircraft (to include ALICE or MOLLE pack, M1950 series Weapon Case, and any Special Items of Equipment).
Inspecting all jumpers for proper donning, fit, and serviceability of their helmet (Ballistic or Advanced Combat) and parachute (T-10D, MC1-1D, MC-6, T-11).
Confirmation of in-flight navigation in accordance with flight diagram and Navigation Officer.
Safety inspection of the Paratroop Door, Jump Platform, and Clear to the Rear of the dropping aircraft.
Identification of in flight reference points.
Proper control of the Paratroop Door during exit.”

In a statement issued by the Florida authorities, it was revealed that the man was on a plane working with a group of military personnel when his reserve chute accidentally opened. The parachutist, who was on his knees near the cargo door, was sucked out of the airplane.

The paratrooper hit the side of the plane before landing 1,200 feet below. Paramedics rushed to the military parachutist’s side, but were unable to revive him. He was pronounced dead at the scene.


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