Parta Huff Arrested: Chicago Officer Beaten, Refused To Shoot


Parta Huff was caught on camera beaten a Chicago officer, who was attempting to arrest him. The incident occurred on October 5 after a car crash on Roosevelt Road and Cicero Avenue on the West Side.

The beat down has sparked outrage, the female officer confessed to not using her gun because she feared the backlash. The dashcam showed the female officer and a male partner being flagged by a citizen after Huff allegedly high on drugs crashed his car into a liquor store.

Huff dressed in red from head to toe was seen casually walking away from the scene when the officers ordered him to stop several times but in vain. The male officer could be heard saying:

“Come here! Come here! Hey, I ain’t playing with you, dude. I’m gonna Tase you in like two seconds. I ain’t f—— around with you. Get your hands on your back.”

Huff continued walking, which prompted the officers to get out of the vehicle and attempt to taser and handcuff him. That is when all hell broke loose. The pair were fighting to put the cuffs on Huff; he pulled away, started punching the female officer. He banged her head on the ground and pulled out her hair. The partner screamed:

“Let her go! Let go! Let her go! Just let her f—— go! He’s got her hair! He won’t let go!”

Several officers rushed to the scene to unglue Huff from the officer. One of the officers said:

“He’s not letting go! We’re Tasing! It’s not working!”

Superintendent Eddie Johnson said that the female officer spoke to him while in the hospital and he said:

“She looked at me and said she thought she was gonna die, and she knew that she should shoot this guy, but she chose not to because she didn’t want her family or the department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news.”

According to the authorities, Huff is being held without bail on charges of attempted murder of a police officer and aggravated battery to a police officer. It has been confirmed that he was on PCP during the fight.

Believe it or not, earlier in the day, Huff appeared in court on “charges he attacked a Forest Park officer who had stopped him for running a stop sign in April” and got in his car and crashed into the liquor store.


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