Who won the 3rd presidential debate? Polls point to clear winner


Who won the debate? Millions of people are waking up on October 20 and are trying to figure out what happened in Las Vegas last night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The two candidates took part in the final presidential debate, which was moderated by Chris Wallace.

The Republican and the Democrat, who skipped the whole hand-shaking thing, faced off for a little more than 90 minutes. They tackled immigration, the economy, foreign policy, and the Supreme Court. For the first 40 minutes, Trump was very much on message and pushed out his talking points.

He made the case on the questionable dealings of the Clinton Foundation and took tough stances on the Second Amendment and abortion. The two candidates went back and forth on the issues – when a question was asked about the border and Clinton decided to talk about WikiLeaks, Russia, Vladimir Putin, and at some point she called him “a puppet.”

The puppet prompted Trump to get back into his Saturday Night Live character where he interrupted Clinton by saying “wrong” and calling her a liar. He also offended Latinos with this statement: “We have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out.”

However, the moment that will dominate this debate for years to come is the fact that the Republican nominee refused to say that he would accept the election’s outcome. Trump said:

“I will look at it at the time, I ll keep you in suspense, OK?”

Clinton hit back with the following statement:

“That’s horrifying.”

So, who won the debate?

CNN’s poll found that viewers thought Clinton won 52% to 39%. A YouGov poll also found that Clinton was the victor.

Hillary Clinton: 49%
Donald Trump: 39%

In the YouGov poll, 69% said Clinton showed “excellent” or “good” knowledge of policies, compared to 40% for Trump. Meanwhile, 61% say Trump was excellent or good at showing “passion and conviction,” compared to 57% for Clinton. 59% rated Clinton positively on acting presidential, only 40% did the same for Mr. Trump.

Those are the only scientific polls that were put out since last night. Online polls tend to favor the business mogul, but they are not considered accurate.


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