Kellyanne Conway And Dana Bash Have Weird Encounter After Debate


Awkward is the word to describe an encounter between Kellyanne Conway and Dana Bash that took place following the debate Wednesday night.

After Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated in the last presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada many supporters and staff members appeared in the spin room to talk to reporters.

Bash, a journalist for CNN, rushed to Conway, the current campaign manager for the Republican presidential candidate, to ask her about the headline-making statement the mogul made on the debate stage. Trump said he is not sure that will accept the outcome of the election because the system is rigged against him.

In the past weeks, the billionaire has been talking about dead people, illegal immigrants, and other frauds that might help his opponent win the election. The debate moderator, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, asked both candidates, will they accept the results of the presidential election? Trump replied by saying:

“I will look at it at the time.”

Wallace asked Trump why will he break with centuries of peaceful transition of power; Trump hit back:

“I will keep you in suspense, OK?”

Bash asked Conway, will she talk to her boss if he loses the election and convince him to do the right thing and concede? Conway more or less brushed off the question by talking about Al Gore and argued that Trump would accept the election results “because he will win.” When pressed by Bash, Conway added:

“He is talking about a very corrupt system. He is talking about a system where people feel like insiders, like Hillary Clinton and their monied cohorts, get all the benefits.”

Bash was about to ask another question when Conway just walked away and went to talk to reporters from FOX News. The following day, Trump appeared on the campaign trail where he made the same outrageous statement, he said that the system is “rigged” and claimed that he would accept the result of the election only if he wins. He did walk back the statement later in his speech.


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