Ivanka Trump Boycott: Shannon Coulter Started The #GrabYourWallet Movement


Ivanka Trump is getting pounced where it hurts for sticking with her father, Donald Trump – her bank account.

The #GrabYourWallet hashtag has been launched by Shannon Coulter, who has millions of people ready to boycott the Ivanka Trump Collection and the numerous stores that carry her shoes, bags, dresses, and perfume.

Coulter, a tech and media marketing specialist, spoke to several publications where she explained that she took it upon herself to create the #GrabYourWallet hashtag after watching the Access Hollywood bus video. In the 2005 clip, Trump can be heard talking with Billy Bush about how he can kiss women without their permission and grab their private parts because he is a star.

Coulter said that she was baffled by the fact that Ivanka Trump has decided to stand with her father after the disgusting tape was leaked. Coulter explained that her boss violated her and she had the feeling that Trump was talking about her humiliating experience in the video. She said:

“I was in an office belonging to a firm I was working for in Silicon Valley and my boss’s boss came breezing through. Suddenly he came up behind me and pressed himself right up against me and said ‘Why is it you always look so good?’ He had a colleague with him and it was so humiliating,”

She added that she was sickened by Trump’s words. She stated:

“And when I heard Donald Trump talking on that tape, I recognized in his words the same feeling that I had that day – of being nothing more than an object. No matter how smart you are or how hard you work, they can do that to us.”

Coulter has called on numerous stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Amazon, Lord & Taylor, Marshalls, and Zappos to stop selling Ivanka Trump Collection. Thousands of people have taken to social media to say they will not buy anything with the name Trump on it.

Mrs. Trump makes over $100 million per year with her brand.


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