Ann Coulter Starts Election Day With Huge Drama


Ann Coulter‘s Election Day tweet has prompted a firestorm on social media. Coulter is not new to controversies; she has feuded with Latinos, Jews, and African-Americans on various topics.

On Election Day, the conservative writer took to social media where she posted a tweet where she shared a theory on how Donald Trump could win the election. Miss Coulter is a Trump supporter, who recently released a book about the mogul entitled “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!.”

She has also appeared on several media outlets to praise the billionaire and bash Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. According to Coulter’s post, Trump could become president of the United States if only a particular group of people were allowed to vote.

If only voters with four American grandparents could cast ballots, Trump would win this presidential election, according to Coulter. Her tweet read:

Coulter received significant backlash from Twitter users, who called her ignorant for missing the fact that her plan would make it impossible for the candidate himself to vote. It appears that Coulter was not aware that Trump’s paternal grandparents were Germans and his maternal grandparents were Scottish.

Wait, there is more – only one of Trump’s children would be permitted to vote. Tiffany Trump is the only one with American grandparents. Trump’s first wife, Ivana, was born in Zlín Czechoslovakia, and his third, wife, Melania, was born in Yugoslavia in the Socialist Republic of Slovenia.

Social media is also pointing to the fact that Coulter’s idea looks very familiar. Many have compared it to the Nazi law known as Nuremberg race laws that were put in place in 1935. Here is more in the similarities:

“Nazis announced the new laws stripping citizenship from Jews, or anyone with three or four Jewish grandparents. The law also banned Jews from marrying or having sexual relations from those identified as German.”

Here are few tweets bashing Coulter.


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