Qatari Sisters Robbed In Paris Weeks After Kim Kardashian


A pair of Qatari sisters have been robbed in Paris, France just weeks after Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint. Monday night, two sisters from Qatar in their sixties landed at Paris-Le Bourget Airport and were being chauffeured to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport in a Bentley.

While driving on highway A1, two masked criminals approached the luxury vehicle and forced the driver to park at a gas station. The men used tear gas on the driver, and the tourists opened the trunk of the car, and they stole a long list of items.

According to the police, pricey jewelry, high-end clothing, shoes, and other items totaling over 5 million euros or $5.3 million were taken. The driver, whose identity has not be revealed, went to the police and gave the details of the robbery.

The sisters were interviewed by French authorities the following day. According to French media, the ladies were not able to see the robbers and therefore had little information.

Not much has been revealed about the two women other than the fact that they are from a very wealthy family of Qatari entrepreneurs. The family owns a luxury vacation home in Paris where they often spend the holidays.

The Banditry Repression Brigade are investigating the matter but have stated that they have no indication of who the culprits are. The owner of the Bentley rental company said he is not surprised by the robbery. The Frenchman said:

“This type of clients, wealthy Arabs like them, often carry a lot of money on them. I think they hit the jackpot there.”

In the past years, there have been numerous robberies on the highway A1 that links the two airports. In 2015, a German jewelry collector had $5 million worth of bling taken from her as she was in a taxi cab from Roissy to Paris.

As the cab was stuck in traffic, three men broke the passenger’s window and grabbed her handbag. In 2014, a Saudi prince driving to Bourget was robbed of a quarter of million dollars.


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