Hillary Clinton Thanksgiving Day Surprise Goes Viral


On Thanksgiving Day, Hillary Clinton stepped out of her New York home and received a very special surprise.

The front yard of her Chappaqua residence was more or less decorated with heartwarming handmade signs from supporters, who wanted to profess their love to her. One of the colorful signs read “Thank you Hillary,” while another said, “We Are Thankful For Hillary An American Hero.”

There were several others with Clinton’s giant H logo and the American flag. Touched by the kind gesture, the former Secretary of State took to Twitter to thank the supporters, who planted the signs. Clinton wrote:

“I was greeted by this heartwarming display on the corner of my street today. Thank you to all of you who did this. Happy Thanksgiving. -H”

It was assumed that the people behind the beautiful gift would remain anonymous, but the media caught with the leading actor who had the idea for this sweet tribute – his name is Liam, and he is only six years old.

His mother, who declined to reveal her identity and Liam’s last name out of fear of being harassed on social media, spoke to Politico. The mother explained that Liam is a real supporter of the former Democratic nominee for president.

The child cried inconsolably on election night when he understood that Clinton would not become president. However, while passing near Clinton’s compound, he told his mother that the politician must be sadder than him and they should do something to cheer her up. The mother said:

“Liam said there ‘should be lots and lots of signs,’ because ‘she’s probably even sadder than me.[S]o he wants to go back and leave lots of signs on Thanksgiving – to say ‘thank you,’ show support, love and encouragement. If anyone else wants to help by making a sign for his little project, let me know!”

Liam’s mom added:

“We got some posters emailed to us and a few dropped off. Liam and I made some, too.”

In the past few days supporters have taken selfies with Clinton as she shopped for books, enjoyed a hike, and went Thanksgiving shopping with Bill Clinton.


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