Secret Graves Found In Mexico: Guerrero Authorities Looking For Answers


Secret graves have been found in Mexico, and thus far authorities have not been able to identify the remains. No suspects have been interrogated for the crimes, and many people residing in the mountainous area are already saying they do not expect anyone to be charged.

This week, officials in the state of Guerrero located on Mexico’s Pacific coast received a tip about several kidnappings, and when they arrived on the scene of the crime, they discovered an apocalyptic setting.

While some people know Guerrero for Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, and Taxco and it is famous for its fabulous beach resorts, nightclubs, and other tourist attractions, the area has also become synonymous with murders.

Police say it is now Mexico’s murder capital where the Beltran Leyva gang and the independent Cartel of Acapulco have started a reign of terror. In 2014, 43 students vanished in Guerrero, and they have never been found.

Mexican police said when they arrived at the village of Pochahuixco; they discovered 32 bodies and nine severed heads. They also rescued a man, who was kidnapped and was held captive at a drug gang camp.

It took crime scene investigator and forensic scientists more than three days to dig up all of the bodies. An initial examination concluded that there were 31 men and one woman buried in the area. The bodies were hidden in 17 pits on a hill in the village, which is used as territory for the war between various drug cartels.

Along with the secret graves and headless bodies, investigators unearthed a giant cooler, which contained human parts. Additionally, numerous bullet-riddled vehicles have been found on the hill and along with AK-47 and AR-15 ammunition clips.

The military has been combing the village searching for more graves. Finding secret graves in Mexico is nothing new, data showed:

“Seventy five bodies were found from over three dozen hidden graves between late 2013 and early 2014 on the border between the western states of Jalisco and Michoacan.”

Roberto Alvarez, a state security official in Guerrero, said:

“The discoveries are terrible.”

Alvarez said that just last weekend more than 24 people were murdered. He added:

“Here, there is a phenomenon. The large cartels have become small criminal gangs, and they share one characteristic: the extreme and irrational use of violence.”

He revealed that the government is working hard to beef up security in the state and protect the residents.


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