Woman Jumps From Plane At Houston Airport After Flight


An unidentified woman jumps from a plane and lands on the wings at a Houston, Texas airport and many are wondering about her mental state. On Tuesday, police at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston found themselves handling a strange situation.

According to several witnesses, a woman, whose identity has not been revealed and who was not able to wait for the plane to land, decided to jump on the tarmac. Upon getting on the ground, she rushed to an area where she was not authorized.

Some of the passengers aboard United Flight 1982 said the woman saw the door pop open and she quickly removed her seat belt and stepped into what is being described as a restricted area.

It is not known why she took the actions that she did, but that has not prevented other passengers from speculating. One person claimed that she was attempting to hurt herself.

However, some believe she may have been fleeing something from the plane. Others said that the passenger might have been having a mental breakdown. Police confirmed that the woman was briefly detained after the incident and was questioned. She was later taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The results of the assessment led to the police deciding not to charge her with any crime. Authorities said:

“The FBI was called to investigate but turned the case over to HPD citing there was no federal issue in the case. HPD is continuing their investigation into the matter.”

United Airlines spokeswoman Maddie King said in a short statement:

“The United Airlines flight had just landed in Houston from New Orleans and was headed toward its gate at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport when the incident happened Monday afternoon.”

Passenger Hampton Friedman, who filmed the disturbing incident, explained:

“I realized when the door popped open and a woman stepped out of it.”

The FBI has turned the case to local law enforcement.


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