Bernie Sanders Calls Donald Trump A ‘Pathological Liar’

So Donald Trump has won the presidential election, and many people including some Democrats and a few very hopeful commentators seem to be holding their breath that he will pivot at some point.

A small group of the so-called political elite says that the billionaire will become a tame and selfless leader working for the little guys. These people are still holding out hope despite the fact that Trump has declined to attend many intelligence briefings and is not completely parting ways with his business empire.

America’s next president is also making some very controversial picks for his cabinet and is always fighting on Twitter with leaders, politicians, and companies who dare to criticize him. One person, who is not changing his mind on the real estate mogul, is Bernie Sanders.

The senator from Vermont, who is rumored to be preparing for another presidential run in 2020, had some very harsh words for Trump. In a new interview, Sanders called the former reality star a “pathological liar.”

Talking to MSNBC, Sanders said the president-elect is a “pathological liar,” who “changes his mind every single day.” The self-proclaimed socialist said:

“What do you do when you have a president-elect, soon to be president, who — and I say this not happily, but I think most people who observe him would agree — is a pathological liar, who changes his mind every single day.”

The former presidential candidate went on to say that he is hoping that a majority of the American population will join his political movement and fight for real change. He added:

“I am working very hard on this, and we need the help of the American people obviously … to build a movement of millions of people who are following reality. And that’s the challenge. Real change in this country, I am more and more convinced of it, is not going to come from Capitol Hill, its got to come from grassroots America.”

Sanders might be heading on a listening tour to sit down with Americans and ask them why did they support Trump over Hillary Clinton. He stated:

“I want the truth. I really want to hear why people voted the way they voted. I want to hear why people voted for Donald Trump, what their expectations were, why they didn’t vote for Secretary Clinton.”

Mr. Sanders went to say that he also wants to convince Middle America that progressive policies will help them. He explained:

“Second of all, I want to bounce off the people their views about what a progressive agenda is. I wants to know if the progressive policies are attractive to the working class.”

The interview is very surprising to some because after the election Sanders said that he would be willing to work with Trump.


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