Uber Hero Saves Girl: Keith Avila Gets Sex Traffickers Arrested

Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly Uber hero saves girl keith avila

Keith Avila, an Uber driver, is being hailed a hero after he helped save a sixteen-year-old girl who was being pimped by two female adults. Late Monday night, Mr. Avila, who had landed the job just one month ago, was called to pick up three women who were heading to a hotel in Sacramento, California.

According to the Uber driver, the young girl was wearing a very short skirt and looked very uncomfortable as she sat between the two women. During the 15-minute ride to the Holiday Inn in Elk Grove, the women gave the teen sex advice and explained to her how she must greet the man awaiting her in the hotel.

The young girl was told to search the person for weapons and to make sure he pays before she does anything with him. Mr. Avila said the girl sat quietly and obeyed the women who were about to pimp her to a John.

After dropping the trio at the hotel, the driver said he could not in good conscience leave the teen to go through with what the women had asked to do. So he called the police and explained the dire situation.

The police arrived fast, but not fast enough. Authorities arrested 25-year-old Destiny Pettway and Maria Westly, 31, and they were hit with various charges related to pimping and pandering.

However, the teen had already slept with the man identified as Disney Vang. Mr. Vang was arrested and accused of having sex with a minor.

Pettway and Westly are still behind bars on $500,000 bail. Vang posted bail on Tuesday. The driver shared the story with local media saying that he was happy to help.

He explained: “She starts coaching and saying OK when we get there the first thing you’re gonna do is give the guy a hug and you’re gonna ask if he has any weapons.” He went on to say that he saw the teenager after Vang was apprehended and she looked ill by all that occurred.

Avila confessed: “I looked at her in the eyes. She had this face of innocence, and like insecure.” He said that he is not a hero and later added: “Honestly I didn’t think about it. They said what they said, and it’s one of those things that you just do.”

California police praised Avila for his quick thinking. The authorities shared in a statement: “He could’ve said nothing. Went on his way, collected his fare. And then that 16-year-old victim could’ve been victimized again by who knows how many different people over the next couple of days, weeks, months.”

It is not known what will happen to the teenager after this horrific incident.


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