Will And Grace Revival Is Happening, According To Leslie Jordan

Will and Grace revival nbc Debra Messing

After months of rumors, the Will and Grace revival is now closer to becoming a reality, according to Leslie Jordan, who used to portray the sexually-ambiguous Beverly Leslie on the cult show. According to the 61-year-old actor, NBC has ordered ten new episodes that will be shot this summer. Jordan stated: “It’s back. Here’s the way it works: [NBC] has ordered 10 [episodes]. It’ll be for next season, so they’ll go in in July.”

There is no official word from the network as yet, but this is not surprising. The first rumors started surfacing in October, and the Peacock channel never addressed any of them. Fans were very pleased by the recent developments.

The main actors of the series released a 10-minute video backing Hillary Clinton for president. The overwhelmed response to this so-called reunion contributed to creating more buzz for a potential revival. That is when the bosses at NBC started taking the idea of a comeback more seriously.

There are a few people, who opposed the return of the beloved and critically-acclaimed sitcom. The naysayers point to the fact in the current television landscape another show with mostly gay characters is not needed, unlike ten years ago. Moreover, supporting the Democratic candidate for the highest office in the land was a controversial move. Some supporters of the 45th president, Donald Trump, are still angry about the decision. It is hard to tell how many old fans of Will & Grace actually voted for Mr. Trump.

One way or the other when the ratings come in they will tell the whole story about the supposed backlash and boycott. Will & Grace aired on NBC from 1998 to 2006 and was groundbreaking during that successful run. It was a program with gay characters in the driver’s seat and the public as a whole was still very receptive.

Surprisingly, some members of the gay community used to criticize the show for its depiction of gay people. It was sometimes viewed at too stereotypical.


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