Tamron Hall And Ann Curry Meet At A Bar In NYC And Fans Start Speculating

Ann Curry Tamron Hall Today Show

Tamron Hall and Ann Curry have met at a bar, and the encounter is grabbing headlines in every corner of the Internet because people want to know the meaning behind all of this.

The meeting took place at Polo Bar on Tuesday night in New York City. The fact that it became known in the media raises a lot of questions.

Are Curry and Hall collaborating on a new project? Will it be a movie or TV show about their years working on NBC?

The speculation is fun for people who have followed them throughout the years. However, the get-together could have been entirely innocent, and the two women are just good friends.

Another theory, this is a very interesting way to have people talking and mark their presences in the media.

Hall left the Today show and NBC News over a month ago. Although she has promised her supporters a big announcement for soon and kept a busy presence on social media, there is nothing concrete as of today.

Curry, 60, left the flagship morning program in 2012 amid tension with the face of the show, Matt Lauer.

It was one of the most brutal and emotional moments in recent television memory when the mother of two exited the show in June 2012.

Hall also left in an epic fashion; she did not even have time to tell the viewers goodbye.

The Texas native turned down a new contract proposal that included her losing the hour she shared with Al Roker and becoming a guest-host on the first two hours of Today.

She turned down the offer because it was all about making way in the morning lineup for Megyn Kelly, who had just been recruited from the Fox News Channel.

Another person, who worked on the Today show for years, was also there for the meeting in the bar. Melissa Lonner is a former booker on the program.

A source told Page Six the following about the bar summit: “People gasped when they walked in. Today contributor Jill Martin rushed to their table. It looked like they were having a girls night out.”

The Infiltrator actress Diane Kruger did also get in the mix at some point to tell the ladies hello.


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