George Clooney Released After Sudanese Embassy Protest Arrest

Jamie | March 17, 2012 | 0 Comments More

George Clooney is now a free man after being released on a $ 100 bail from a Washington prison.

The iconic star along with his father Nick Clooney were arrested on Friday while they were protesting in front of the Sudanese embassy in D.C. with several other people.

The pair who was hoping to draw awareness to the Sudan crisis was warned at least three times not to get the close to the building and disobeyed.

The Oscar winner who was escorted to a nearby police headquarter called the arrest an embarrassement and eventually added:

“We need humanitarian aid to be allowed into the Sudan before it becomes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.The second thing we are here to ask is for the government in Khartoum to stop randomly killing its own innocent men, women and children. Stop raping them and stop starving them. That’s all we ask.”

The 50-year-old star who has been fighting to help the impoverish nation, has released several documentaries and has been lobbying President Barack Obama to participate in any shape or form.

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