Kevin Smith Southwest Airlines Fat Scandal

Jamie | February 15, 2010 | 21 Comments More

Kevin Smith Southwest Airlines Fat Controversy

Kevin Smith Southwest Airlines Fat Scandal – Southwest Airlines is back in the news for expelling Kevin Smith aka Silent Bob from a flight for being too fat.Kevin who is known for directing classics such as “Mallrats” and “Clerks” was asked to exit the plane because his weight was considered a safety issue, so he took to his Twitter account to blast the company saying:

“I was threw off a flight from Oakland to Burbank on Saturday night because I was too wide for the sky.Dear @SouthwestAir – I know I’m fat, but was Captain Leysath really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?.I’m way fat… But I’m not THERE just yet.But if I am, why wait til my bag is up, and I’m seated WITH ARM RESTS DOWN. In front of a packed plane with a bunch of folks who’d already I.d.ed me as ‘Silent Bob.’”

The airline presented Smith with a $100 voucher and apologized saying:

“Hey Kevin! I’m so sorry for your experience tonight! Hopefully we can make things right.”

Kevin who is still fuming replied by:

“Dear Fucktarded PR-Challenged Fatty-Haters at @SouthwestAir: Your ‘apology’ blog is insulting, redacted bullshit. FULL details in two hours….”

Smith’s new movie “Cop Out”, in which stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan will hit theaters on Feb. 26.

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    1. chooch says:

      kimberly and kevin,

      i am glad you won’t be flying southwest again. i hope you follow suit by filling mr. smith’s pockets with your hard earned money. i’m sure if you would meet “normal” encounter he would welcome you into his space, no questions asked. i hope you two buy onto everything a “star” tells you. because they’re opinions matter more than the rest of the earth’s population. what’s fair is fair. this was a just action by southwest airlines. if 2 skinny people could fit into one seat they should be able to pay for just that one seat instead of having to pay and sit in 2 seats.

    2. krzcelt says:

      Being PC is over rated. I am going to start letting people know when they are spilling into my seat, and have THEM lean out into the isle. Ever notice how they always sit in the middle seat?

    3. Chris says:

      The last two socially acceptable prejudices are sexual orientation and size. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Bigots.

      • mariem says:

        Sorry Chris, Enough of being PC! I travel every week for my job and enough is enough! I do not think they should have waited until he was seated. That was there mistake. They should check your weight to height ratio before you are allowed to book a seat. If you don’t travel very often then this may seem a bit like ‘picking on the fat people’. But for those of us who do travel frequently, this happens a lot. There is nothing for us to be ashamed of, we are not bigots. I just DO NOT want a roll of someone else’s flab hanging over into my seat so that I have to either put my arm on top of it or under it! That is just gross!

      • rachel says:

        Everyone’s going on about paying for two seats, blah blah blah. That’s not the issue here though, the issue is a steward/ess coming up to Kevin, in front of a fully boarded plane, and telling him he has to get off the flight because basically he’s too fat.

        It smacks of playground bullies, a child walking up to another child and saying “you can’t play with us because you’re fat”.

        His gripe is that they sat him down and waited until the flight was full before telling him that he can’t fly. They could have told him at ticketting and saved him embarrassment.

        I’m a large girl but I don’t think I’ve ever ended up “sharing someones seat” – from what I can remember when flying in the US the seats on your planes are huge. Usually someone ends up sharing their elbows with me.

    4. Craig says:

      Good for Southwest. As a frequent flyer, I am sick and tired of “sharing’ my seat with oversized neighbors. Being PC toward the oversized is BS. Just because you are large doesn’t mean you can encroach upon my space. I paid for my seat so why should I have to give up what little space I have to someone else????? It not just getting your fat a*s in between the arm rests, it is also your shoulders and arms. I support the airlines measuring the width of flyers and making them pay for the space they take up.

    5. Jenn L says:

      This guy is simply trying to get more press for his movie. At the end of the day Southwest has to look out for the safety and comfort of their customers. What is more important—one tantrum throwing passenger or the other several hundred??? I was on a flight Feb. 14 where the same thing happened. The Southwest employees were incredibly professional and polite when informing the passenger that he would need to purchase two seats in the future. He responded with a huge tantrum causing a scene and delay in boarding the plane. Not only did he get to board first, but he also go to take another paying passenger’s seat (the flight was full). How is that fair?

      In the end…it’s a judgement call. If Southwest believed he was too large that is their right to decide. Perhaps he should spend a little time eating healthier and working out rather than twittering and complaining.

    6. Kevin says:

      I agree with Kimberly on all comments.

      • krzcelt says:

        Don’t spill into someones seat, and you won’t be asked to leave! I’ve been saying for years that they should weigh people. I hope they start before my flight next week! Who know’s maybe I can get off a plane with out a sore neck or back from having to lean over because someones sweaty stinky arpit is in my face. That would be half way in MY seat in case you are unaware!

    7. Mike says:

      As a very frequent flyer, I can tell you NOTHING makes a flight more uncomfortable than having the person next to you “sharing” your seat!
      If you can’t keep your body within the space of one seat, then you should pay for another one. Very simple! People who are not overweight are subsidizing those who are!
      The issue is even more a problem than just the comfort of those involved. The cost of flying anything (people, bags, boxes, etc) from point A to point B is entirely weight-based. The expense of a flight (fuel) varies with the weight of the airplane. When we go to the post office, we pay postage, in part, based on the weight of the parcel. Shipping something via freight is no different. The cost of moving anything is a function of weight and volume.
      If people are not careful, there will come a day when your ticket price (and number of seats you are entitled to) will be determined when you check-in at the airport by STEPPING ON THE SCALE! It IS the only “fair” way to handle the issue. It is, in part, already done with checked bags. But there will no longer be a question about cost/entitlement. This will no longer be distorted into an issue of dignity, or discomfort. No longer will the smaller travelers subsidize those who are large. The airlines are trying to do business in this day and age with razor-thin profit margins at best! This solution may not only reveal the true distribution of income vs cost… But also put an end to fat people using THEIR problem as a lever to smear airlines and their policies as they attempt to deal with this issue.

    8. Erik says:

      Taking whining and complaining to a whole new level. So glad he has the money and connections to throw a world class temper tantrum. How heroic, Mr. Smith. The rest of us have to put up with life’s embarassing moments and hope to salvage at least a little dignity without the radio talk shows and tweeting every verbal tirade to the media. When an apology is offered, the right thing to do is to accept it. Not cuss the person out, especially when the P.R. person isn’t the one responsible for your discomfort. That really shows your character.

      Poor tact. Poor bearing. Poor manners. Poor little you. I can’t believe your customer service story has taken more airtime than any recent scientific discovery, any advance in the war, or deaths of those that went into harms way. They don’t even get their name on the news anymore. But you Mr. Smith… you sure grabbed the headlines. Your tirade disgusts me and many more like me. Be a man for pete’ sake. Stop the outbursts and let this story die. Maybe show a little magnanimity with that $100 bucks and tack on some of your own dough to feed a family or two in Haiti. That’s what a man of your stature could or should be doing.

    9. Aman says:

      i agree with being asked to leave the flight. i saw the picture, you were hanging into the aisle which is a safety hazard. also, i have sat next to someone of your size who was ‘spilling’ over onto my seat. i have paid fair and that space is mine. not anyone else’s. if you are too large to stay confined to the space that you have paid for, then you have to buy more ‘space’ (another seat). it is 100% fair! if you do not want to do that, then you buy a first class ticket. you would fit into those seats i’m sure. i think it’s absurd that you could even somewhere in your head believe that this situation was unjust! it’s bewildering. if you don’t want to buy two seats or a first class seat… THEN DON’T FLY! OR LOSE SOME WEIGHT SO YOU CAN STAY CONFINED TO THE SPACE YOU HAVE PAID FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      when you own a house and a backyard.. you cannot just go and tear down a fence and be like.. okay neighbour, i’m going to take half of your backyard just because. i know i haven’t paid for it, but i’m gonna take it anyways. look inside your head and reallly think about this. this is just stupid what you’re asking.

      • Beth says:

        Then I guess we will also have to ask the follwing passengers to buy their own row or fix their “problems”prior to take off. This would include those that smell like smoke, reak of body oder, wear too much cologne, have abnormalities, wheelchairs…etc….or are F*****g ignorant like you!

        • krzcelt says:

          Your ignorance astounds me. You missed the point. There is a polite way to ask people to go wash thier armpits/groins what ever, you can’t scrub fat away. You can ask them to get up and move to a seperate seat. The wheel chair will be stored up front, and the handicap individual will be escorted to a seat where they will not be infringing on anothers space. Either you have never flown, or you were to busy using profanity to realize what is going on around you.

      • krzcelt says:

        Yeah AMAN! I am 100% behind you. We have another one of the self rightous bozo’s who think that because they sit on the couch eating bon bons, we should all take pity and give them special consideration. All SWA did was give me free license to do something I have wanted to do for years. COMPLAIN about the knuckle head next to me who is spilling over into my space! And I will do it EVERY TIME.

    10. Kimberly says:

      I will not fly SW airlines again. Who wants to get on a plane, sit down and then be asked to leave? Unless someone has criminal intent or something on their person that jeapordizes the safety of passengers, what gives? If his weight was such an issue, why didn’t they weigh everyone with their carry on luggage “for the safety” of everyone?

      • Large Human says:

        Your story was not slanted thin-centricly like most of your competitors. I guess you want to continue to do business w/ fatties.

      • krzcelt says:

        You won’t fly SWA because they bounced someone who would be taking up half of the seat I PAID FULL price for? Good. I am thrilled SWA finally took ALL the paying customers into acct. I CERTAINLY do NOT want to be pinned in against the window for a 6 hr flight, And I certainly do not want to be there if the plane goes down, and the FAT F!@#$%^ next to me can’t find the seat belt for the fat rolls, and the panic. So, yes, it is a safety issue. And I am NOT a “FAT HATER”, or what ever you morons call people. I am an over weight citizen who does NOT WANT to share my seat!

      • Kayla says:

        This is whole thing is rediculous. I can’t even believe Southwest Airlines would do this. As being someone who has struggled with their weight I will never ever ever fly with Southwest Airlines again. So congrats Southwest Airlines you have lost millions in dollars because people are PISSED!!!! If this really was a problem people should be asked of their weight before they buy tickets, and once the weight limit reaches it’s capacity then tickets should stop being sold, it’s not like they don’t make enough Freekin’ money already!I love you Smith, Sc*&w you Southwest Airlines.

        • krzcelt says:

          people are not pissed, they ARE HAPPY!!! AND SWA will not lose millions, they will probably get MORE customers because they are finally doing something about the consumer who paid full price, and then had some one take 1/2 their seat.