Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas French Kissing Tape?

Jamie | August 7, 2008 | 61 Comments More

Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas French Kissing Tape?

Miley Cyrus Nick Jonas French Kissing Tape?-Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas apparently have a steamy 12 minute French kissing and an intense make-out session video that leaked.A source close to the Jonas Brothers who has seen the tape said:

“Nick goes all the way to first base and almost gets to second — you can see his hand kind of going up her shirt.” “There’s even a little dry humping near the end. Miley is such a total slut!”

Apparently the tape will soon be sold on the Internet for $29.95 per copy.Selena must be pissed right now.

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    1. ashley9959 says:

      guys u r all rite but i think both of them r wrong because miley my sister and friends look up to you but now the are all upset well that it for your fans they hate you now god girl get a life and a good one not that whoring attitude all them boys want from you is sex and nick you are so cute but that won’t hi your faults i thought you were different but you are not god be faithful and make your life worth while living for Selena or your future

    2. maddie says:

      nick is hot i used to date him

    3. alexiss says:

      ommqq really leave nickk a lone miley da stupis a** one soo hes a boy she sould off said noo our stopp shes a durty ho*

    4. Sean Stewart says:

      Not truth please stop it destiny is telling the truth is no way?

      Nick J Sweet loving person,I like them too be nice to them thank you.

      Sean Stewart

    5. heidi says:

      where the hell is this said tape at?
      they can’t even show it to us! that’s lame! how do we know they’re not making it all up! they probably are!
      but, idk if anyone’s noticed but nick isn’t a total saint u no? of course he’s a lot smarter than most guys, but u no he’s not perfect so stop trying to make him that way.
      he might have or he might not have. i mean ur honestly gonna sit there and say,”well, he would never do that! and he better never!” when some of u r cussing, skipping class and sniffing sharpies? (trust me, i know that’s what some of u r doing)
      but if he did do something like that, there wouldn’t be a F*****g tape of it unless someone snuck in there like a stupid f**k!
      but i mean, u gotta be realistic.
      saying he would never do that?? come on. REALLY think about it. he probably might have.
      people make mistakes u no.

    6. sbrina says:

      hello i love nick

    7. vidya says:

      cmon pple enough wit d insults ok,its all over now…its d past..soo lets wait nd see wat happens next..nd NOBODY i mean NOBODY shuld talk bad ’bout nick..he’s so cute nd innocent..he would never do sumtin lyk dat. peace…i’m out.

    8. anna says:

      leave miley alone and let her do what she wants 2 do and STOP talking bad about her!im not her fan niether but i dont talk about her either…do i!think about how she feels now that she read all ur bad comments about her!and remember im not her fan and i dont talk bad about her…im just trying 2 do whats right.seeyah

    9. u dont need 2 know my name! says:

      ok ppl if u r reading this dont b a miley fan cause she is so disgusting!u boys out there that r drolling over miley must b stupid cause it doesnt matter about her look,it matters about her actions,not that i care what u boys do…im just saying.

    10. teodora-ioana-urs says:

      I think you’re looking really good thogether.I undrestand you, but and I have Nick Jonas love.Good luck with him

    11. taarishi says:

      u idiot ppl miley is totaly awesome ok….
      she is the best
      i love her !!:)

    12. jacko fan says:

      ok u guys i agree with nothig u people say jusst let them solve it out i agree nick jonas is cool and mileys nice and she is like a friend to me and so is nick jonas i may not know them but i atleast know they dont like 2 b abused in public so please leave them alone from ur boths true friend Ali rizwan(ps. im a muslim)so no offence.

    13. Brendan says:

      What are u talking about Nick Jonas is so hot and sexy

    14. tylian says:

      i think miley cyrus wish she never broke up.that was alot of kissing.i wish i was nick jonas it is paneful to c that miley is cheating on me :(

    15. Leave them Alone!! says:

      Ok first of all, this is total bullshit. the paparzzi are total jerks who have nothing better to do than to trash celebs. I am 1000% sure this isnt true. And even if it was, if Nick is the one putting his hand up her shirt, then how the hell is SHE a s**t?? I hate stupid ppl that dont know wtf they are talking abt. Miley and Nick are both sweetharts and would never do something like that, yet alone make a video of it for the public!! Get Real! So leave them alone!!


    16. maliey says:

      I don’t like miley Cyrus she’s a ho bag!! :)

      • jacko fan says:

        u guys stop abusing those 2 its therematter let them solve it out besides abusing those 2 innocent peole wont change anythig so stop crying over spilt milk!

    17. kelsi says:

      yeah im with tha on you, cause im tierd
      of hearin about gay stuf that that they r
      doin. seriously leave it alone and tell me
      about somethin else f#!@.

    18. michelle weldon says:

      miley why do u kiss a boy then brake up with them im your biggest fan my wall is painted like miley and hannah moms sould banned u i loght u was could but if me rowmold douse drugs and about to have a babby im gonna wacht jonas brothers so im gonna remove u from my wall and paint all the jonas brothers on my wall and pit jonas photos on my camnit and im throwing all your close that you ware and i got at the mall and fill my secret room with all jonas ya im rich richer then miss ugle a*s………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    19. jennifer says:

      u got a pooint bunny leave miley alone u guys never mess with selena caaause u guys r some scary cat and milley dnt liisten wat they saay caause u r pretty and aaa good girl and no matter wat they say i am alwayz going to be ur fan.and yea selena gommez im tallkin bout u..u b*****

    20. jennifer says:

      hey miley wat r u doing miley u got to stop beiing nasty that iz not cool and u and nick dont make a good couple me and nick make a good couple.and u and nick thatz kinda a good couple but i make a better couple with nickHEY MILEY LOVE UR SONGS

    21. melissa says:

      Hi Miley

      you are cool. I want to meet you like to talk.

      I like your song called Party in
      the usa.

      Love Melissa

    22. TTFrutti says:

      If this WAS true, why are you calling MILEY the s**t? He wanted her to do that.

    23. partesha says:

      bunny if you think you are being positive well i hate to tell you but i dont see any thing defending miley but i do agree im not sayin you wrong or anything

    24. partesha says:

      bunnys comment was rude to other people but i agree

    25. Bunny says:

      leave miley the hell alone! she dosnt need your insecure broke asses criticising her and you dont even know her! some of you are saying she is ugly, well im POSITIVE she is prettier than half even more than the mo-fos that are saying that, besides, if you dont like miley so damn much than you would take the time to READ ABOUT HER, or even write about her? get a damn life all you jelous ugly broke a*s bitches and while your at it, get some friends, actually you dont have any, so just go play in traffic

    26. dada says:

      I mean he says he like waiting til he’s married to have sex.”But that dosn’t mean he won’t put his hands up his girlfriends shirt”.Thats 2nd base he is aming for a homerun no wonder he likes baseball.

    27. dada says:

      Nick is a perv. miley didn’t do a thing

      • brandi marie miller says:

        WHAT THE f**k!!!!!!!!!!!! there is all this relly horible s**t out there of miley and not one thing of nick relly? ur a dum a*s person

      • jacko fan says:

        nick i think is innocent and ive always seen miley frnch kissing so i dubt nick will do such a habbit but u can not also blame miley i think it was just for publicity oh yeah and im a muslim.

    28. Kiera says:

      Omg Stop making up F*****g rumors..
      I mean seriously dude..
      Umm Mileys always getting blamed for stuff..
      And You said NICK goes up her shirt and mileys the s**t :l… That makes no sense..
      Whatever its there life..
      Nick and Miley have hormones!

    29. WTF says:

      Where the f**k is this video????????????????

    30. Mrs. Nick J says:

      You guys know this is stupid and totally not true right!? Anyways they broke up AGAIN! I always knew they weren’t meant to be! You idiots who wrote this are sick and stupid and disgusting! Get a life and do something other than making up stupid rumor about famous people. Gosh you must be really jealous or something!

    31. annonomys says:

      You people are sick and disgusting. Get a life. I hate the paparazzi. I can’t even imagine being in there position right now. Leave them alone! Their only 16. Why do you have to make up lies and rumors?!

    32. wat... says:

      I serosly doubt that this hapend! Nick is sweet and Miley is such a s**t!!!! y would he date her in the first place? this is such a lie thats y celebes hate the pres

    33. wtf says:

      HOW DEW U EFFFIN C THE VIDEO?!?!?!?!?!?!

    34. jen says:

      you are nasty hanna you homo

    35. I think... says:

      C’mon guys, would the nick we know and love do something like that? I doubt it. Miley apparently would but I seriously 100% doubt Nick did anything like that. He seems like a very private guy, and I don’t think he would do or allowed to be filmed doing that

    36. ricki says:

      where can you buy the video?

    37. sierra says:

      miley should never of kissed nick. shes to bad for nick.nick is sweet,sensitive, cute and low key.but miley is bad and crazy taking pictures of herself ind underwear is soo stupid .nick diserves a girl with more sensativity.

      • autumn says:

        I think you’r rong. miley Is my hero!!!!! and I no you love him!!! I hate him !!!! AND I WOUN’T LET YOU BLAME MILEY BECAUSE nick !!!!!!!he cane make a bird die because he sings so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    38. heyyyyyyyyyyy says:

      how do you see the video?????

    39. emily says:

      this so fake how can you not tell nick is a wholesome boy and would never do something like that

    40. yasmin says:

      are you gone mad you ideot kising miely how dare you fockin basterd why dont you just get your a*s whooped insted of giving miley cyrus a kiss you do that one more tme your dead.And imean it you will die so just get lost you shitbag and nevar come again.

      • brandi marie miller says:

        what the f**k r u ganna do abt it relly? like u r going to kill em ok like to see u try nasty a*s peace of s**t!

    41. cindy says:

      OMG….please people stop thinkin miley iz such an angel,there iz only one word 4 her an tat iz a s**t…..nick iz way way 2 good 4 her, she iz soooooo ful of s**t.maybe tha sex part iz false….but…she’z such a huge hore…..selena gomez iz way way way prettyer an deservz 2 B wit nick… luv pepz

    42. totally fake! says:

      this is so fake how could they have a SEX video hello nick has a purity ring and mileys image is already bad so why would she make it worse unless shes a mini britney spears!! dont tick selena off stop with the rumors they need to stop lying!

    43. rubbish says:

      Nick jonas how diare you do such a stupid thing,you know i am your great fan so stop doing stupid things.Miley you know you are a very very beautiful girl but if you keep on exposing your self or beauty you will lose many of your great fans and you know what Selena Gomez will do so please don’t do the erors that Britney Spears did

    44. ahhhh says:

      get a life duuude. as if thats true wtf.

    45. allie says:

      seriously people? SHUT THE HELL UP.
      dont spread stupid s**t.
      seriously, i’m so sick of hearing gay stuff.

    46. Destiny says:

      Mileys the slught hello u stupid jonas brothers crazed fans nick guy putting his hands up her shirt idoits leave miley the hell alone god the jonas brother will NEVER CARE ABOUT YOU inless u get famous and ummm i really dont think being a bic!s the way to go