Miley Cyrus:Miles To Go Autobiography

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Miley Cyrus:Miles To Go Autobiography

Miley Cyrus:Miles To Go Autobiography – Here is the cover of Miley Cyrus new autobiography, entitled “Miles To Go”, that will hit bookstores in March of 2009.Miley said:

“I am so excited to let fans in on how important my relationship with my family is to me. I hope to motivate mothers and daughters to build lifetimes of memories together, and inspire kids around the world to live their dreams.”

You can pre-order your own copy of Miley Cyrus’ book “Miles To Go” at

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    1. Sean Stewart says:

      Miley Cyrus

      Is me again what you and family doing or liam h. als doing.I love you a lot and i miss you alot,D’d hope doing rihgt how have fun love you smileyface cyrus…

      Love:Sean Stewart

    2. an italian fan of miley says:

      Beautiful book..I love it!!!!!!!!!:)

    3. Melanie says:

      Hey, I’m Melanie, 15 years old… I have just read the Miles to go book. and it was amazing. her troubles with school is exactly what i go through.. For all you know you just may like the book. I grew outta the “Hannah montana and Miley Cyrus” phase as i’ve gotten older. I really thought i wouldnt like the book. But guess what I loved it!!! thers and old saying that goes “Don’t judge a book by it cover”. If I didnt read her book I would still have a lot od unanswered questions. Everyone should at least attempt to read it. If you don’t like the first few parts of it, put it down…. but remember dont knock it until you try it

    4. Miley says:

      Hey y’all,

      It’s Miley! I hope that you still enjoy my book, even though it’s been a while. I’m currently writing a new one that will be coming out in 2011. Make sure to check it out!

      Love you all,
      MC x

    5. Abby says:

      hey i just wanted 2 see something i wrote on screen with the other comments

    6. shannon says:

      im a huge miley cyrus fan i still dont have the book i really wanted it i told my parents thats the only thing i want and close for my good grade and passing 5 grade fcat if that was the really miley cyrus then u rock :)

    7. asira says:

      heyyy toatally love the book miely its sooooooooooooooooo awsome

    8. taylor says:

      I have never read this book before but i want to but before i buy it I was wondering how many people would recomend this please say yes u would or no u wouldnt recomend this, please write below thanks.

    9. Makenna95 says:

      hey guyss, this book is really good. im 15 and i love it! Miley is such a wonderfull person and people are just jelous, dont believe anyone who says this book isnt worth reading, read it and see for yourself :) you just might like it!
      love MAkenna.

    10. dont get ya'll says:

      im from kenya, finding a way to read this book online, and i end up hear, ive not read the book and from personel experience trust me discriminating a person is not gona take her away, dont hate her people, she just wrote the book to get money, i mean if you were that famous would’nt you do same(dont say no because yo would), im telling you shes a great person, i want to meet her, i know its impossible but what the hell, she had a dream, she tried and got it, look there are questions with no answers, like whether god is real or not, how big is the universe, love, hate, all that stuff, do what you like and thats what miley is doing, shes getting famous becasue of you, shes getting money becuase of you and you know its worth spending your money on, never discriminate a person without knowing them, if it helps do what you love and make sure your good at it, and do what you LOVE, seriously what you LOVE, and you’ll have the most outa your lives, and yeah i you wana buy the book go right ahead seriously but if you dont want to dont

    11. t says:

      i dont really know but i hope not


      Do you guys actually think she will see this? lol

    13. JAMIE says:

      how do you do the smiles oh i think i have it :)

    14. liz says:

      did i put :D :D:D:D

    15. liz says:

      i ment 2 put :) and i am your biggest fan or should i say i am your# 1 fan :)ive only came to 1 concert but im planning 2 come 2 another concert :) can u tell me your e-mail address please :) i just like puttin :) cause it turns into a litte cartoon :)so :) oh did i say i like $$$$

      love liz :) girl!!! and $$$$$ girl

    16. liz says:

      miley this book is sooo great i havent finished yet but this book is not a waist of money so if you dont have a good thing to say dont put it cause thats rude first i got it at the library and then i read some 2 my mom so imthout telling me she ordered it but 1 day she told me , a couple of days ago it came in but she hasent started im on page like 167 :)

    17. maycee says:

      hey i read your book it was awsome. at nit when i would go to bed me an my mom would fight because i wanted 2 keep reading. it is awsome. it would be awsome if u could sign it!!!!!!! peace out!!!!!!! =)

    18. millie spittlehouse says:

      hi miley lov that book miles to go its soo cool !!!!! :-)

      but i was at the end of the book then i lost it my mum said she fund it some were dont know though gonna ask her now can i have you email adress wont tell no one cross my dogs heart by the way if you are the real miley my msn adress is byebye lov u soooo much

    19. Laura says:

      OMFG ur so mean this book is a great book

    20. Vicki says:

      actually its good its probs because your a suckish loser! miley cyrus is so call…oh whats tht…a little bit of pathetic jelouslyy..haaa..

    21. Leah: From Dublin says:

      I love this book (-: It was great :-D And to all the people who didn’t like it no need for the nasty comments right !! All of my friends read it and they loved it too !! I’m 12 and I love reading and I think it has been the best book I’ve ever read :) And a girl that works with my mam is 16 and she read it and also loved it ! And some of bits of the story are very moving :-( So I really recomend this book :) Love From Leah , Dublin Ireland :-)

    22. for realz? says:

      the book sucks
      there are soooo many lame attempts to make a “funnie”
      there are randum things that break u away from the crappy story line
      writing style is uber poor (it jumps around too much)

      to all that lurved the book
      u are retarded and obviously have never picked up a for realz good book
      u know a book thats not written by some f****t and can actually write properly

    23. vicky says:

      hey miley, u are rocking can you tell me how i can get your book in india ?

    24. channy babiee says:

      and i ment to put 5mins ago and have all your books and moves you name it i have it

    25. channy babiee says:

      hey miley i cant wit till i go and see you on tour in london am got your book i mins ago and iam on page 62 it wicked channy babiee luv ya xxxxxxx

      p.s i have been to all your tours in london and cardiff and i meet you your my idol and hero

    26. julie hudson says:

      hey miley can u tell me from where can i read miles to go your autobiography because iam in pakistan and no autobiography i love u so much just like a sis love u muaaaah

      can you teel me yuor email address i swear i wont tell anyone cross my heart.

    27. Chloe says:

      I Got This Book Yesterday And i have already finished was an amazing and my friends couldnt put it down.people should buy this book,it explains alot about her life and what Stuff She had to go through.i understand now why she did the things she did.

    28. saajal says:

      that book is full of s**t what the hell don’t buy it i wasted 15 dollors i thought it was going to be good it was s**t s**t and a whole lot more of s**t as u said another way for her to make money and fame

    29. tinker212 says:

      i just got it and i cant wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and i love the cover pic it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    30. Beotch says:

      holy i wana get with her

    31. Debbie says:

      Hey HEy!! just want to know will your book be available in South Africa also??? :)

    32. Camille says:

      This is the bestest book EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I GOT IT TODAY AND I AM ON PAGE 110 AND THERES 250 PAGES!!!!!!BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. birdie says:

      this book is so cool..
      i just got it this week and in like half way.
      i learned so much about miley that i never knew

    34. Uzma says:

      hey miley umm… just wanted to say that i am your biggest fan and i have read and bought almost all of your things that i could see and umm… the book miles to go is very creative and fun to read like i meen once you start reading you wont wanna stop and i love your music and everything !!!!!!!! so i hope you make lots of new movies and songs so fans like me can see and hear them !!!!!

    35. MileyCyrus says:

      Hey y’all!,
      Thus is Miley Cyrus! I’m hoping that you’ll take a look at my new book..miles to go, and ym new Hannah Montana movie that is coming out!

      Thanks for checking in!
      Love you all,
      Miley Cyrus :)

    36. GOT9 says:


    37. Chantelle says:

      this book is definitely NOT rubbish. Its my fave book and I have only read 00 pages from 250. Its great just like its author (miley)
      So DO DO DO buy it.

    38. Melissa says:

      the book is sooo good,
      im 13 years old,
      and its sooo goodd.
      I cant stop reading it.
      i recomend it for little kids or teenagers.

    39. Amy says:

      if your thinking of buying this book then.. DONT!!!! i got it a few days ago and it was rubbish and a huge waist of money! this book was probably another way for miley cyrus to get ‘fame and fortune’! and have u seen the inside!!! it lookes like a 5 year old wrote it!!!! even with editing from good aurthors this book sucks!!!!!!! so think again before bying it!

      • Mya says:

        you shouldn’t hate because your not famous this girl knows how it feels to be normal amy.JELOUS MUCH?SOMETIMES IT’S NOT ALWAY ABOUT THE MONEY ANYWAY

      • Kassie says:

        I love how you say her book looks like a five year old wrote it when I’m 14 and shes like 17 and yet we can both spell ten times better than you! Don’t hate on her book saying it looks like a five year old wrote it when your summary has every other word spelled incorrectly!

        • Marcela says:

          She didn’t write it herself, idiot, she had a professional write it for her while she told her story to her. You obviously don’t know how to tell the difference between professional writing and just writing.

      • Miley says:

        hey plz tell me that how much money v have to pay for buying the book