Nick Jonas Adopted? Fake Nick Jonas Secret Adoption Scandal

Jamie | October 5, 2008 | 15 Comments More

Nick Jonas Adopted?

Nick Jonas Adopted? Fake Nick Jonas Secret Adoption Scandal – Apparently yes according to this fake article that has been floating on the internet.It states that Nick Jonas revealed that he was adopted,when he was a baby.Nick Jonas fake adoption story is below.

Wyckoff, NJ, 5 October 2008 – Nick Jonas, 16, of the smash hit pop trio the Jonas Brothers, revealed today that he was adopted as an infant.”For a long time, we kept this secret in our family, to support our image as a band of three brothers, but I have to tell the truth,” said Nick. “I don’t think it will hurt our image — if anything, it makes us stronger. We love our fans and we know they will support us no matter what.”Nick was born to close family friends of Denise and Kevin, the other boys’ biological parents. Several months before Nick’s birth, the couple decided they wanted an abortion. But Kevin, a former pastor, “doesn’t believe in that,” Nick said. “So he and my mom offered to take me in. They’ve been awesome parents, nothing but supportive, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.”

That’s all we have for now Nick Jonas Adopted? Fake Nick Jonas Secret Adoption Scandal.

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    1. none says:

      This is so not true. FOX is just trying to attractattention only lahs!

    2. Celeste says:

      no importa que Nick sea adoptado o no para mi siempre va a ser un Jonas siempre va a llevar los apellidos Jonas Miller. FOREVER JONATIKA!!!!! no importa lo q pase siempre amare a los Jonas Brothers hasta mi ultimo dia minuto y segundo de mi vida. te amo Nick!!!y por supuest q a Kevin , Joe y Frankie tambien. Los amo familia JONAS MILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Clair W says:

      Hi! It’s me again I don’t believe in this crap at all
      Sorry for the comment above I want to take it back
      Oooops but I can’t.

    4. Clair W says:

      Well! If it’s true then even though nick was adopted he still looks like their brother and nick is more cuter than any of them.

      Love u nick
      Love u JB’s

    5. savanna says:

      it is not true people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Nikki says:

      Actually…curly hair is a dominant trait…So if one parent has the gene then all of their kids will…so Joe has naturaly curly hair….ok?

    7. Lucie says:

      I dont believe that… but it shocked me when i heard it… so i think NO ITS NOT TRUE


    8. laura rodriguez says:

      ps io creo que eso es mentira ademas toos son muy parecidos y porq tienen que ser tan metiches en lo que no les importa y estar dañando la imagen de la gente =P

    9. Sara says:

      I’m upset by this Information! it’s definitly not true! whoever sent this is probably just trying to get attention. its just crazy to think that Nicholas Jerry Jonas was adopted!

    10. !~!~! says:

      It doesn’t sound very convincing, I am sorry, and you can see the resemblance between all the brothers and their parents. Why must people meddle and create rumours?

      LY Nick xxx

    11. Sabrina says:

      uhh first of all joe has naturally straight hair..ok ? and second of all that is a lie because him and frankie look JUST alike so theres no way he could be adopted

      • Ya no says:

        joe’s hair isn’t naturally straight. he just straightened it. his hairs curly just not as curly as nick &kevins.

    12. rachel? says:

      its not true!
      nick wouldnt have said ‘Im the only one in the family who has curly hair’ because joe kevin and frankie all have natural curly hair but joe and kevin sometimes straighten it.

    13. sarah! says:

      yeah it has to be fake there is no post in fox news of that archieve! look!