Ray Boltz Gay:Washington Blade Interview

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Ray Boltz Gay:Washington Blade Interview

Ray Boltz Gay:Washington Blade Interview-Ray Boltz a contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter,is officially an homosexual.Ray Boltz gay confession,was done in an interview with Washington Blade.Ray Boltz apparently struggled for years,before accepting his sexuality.Ray Boltz a formerly married father of four children came out in December 2004,but the news only became public today.Boltz says:

“I thought, ‘Well, I can just do what I always do and hide the truth or I can take a risk and be honest.’” “That day, with the tsunami, has become very symbolic in our family.”

The singer added:

“It’s hard to say I came out because I didn’t have all the answers. I just admitted what I was struggling with and what I was feeling. It’s hard to go, ‘This is the point where I accepted my sexuality and who I was,’ but I came out to them and shared with them what I’d been going through.”

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    1. Cathy says:

      I guess we are really living in the times that Jesus forewarned…. Christians when John was being given revelation, Jesus knew that in this times, people’s hearts would be as hard as stone and they would avoid listening to the truth. So instead of judging any one that falls and stays down, you who is still alive in Christ Jesus keep carrying your cross that when you stumble you do not fall and stay down. Keep your eyes on Jesus he who is the author and finisher of our faith.

      Rev.22:11 he that is unjust let him continue being unjust, he which is filthy let him be filthy still, he that is righteous let him continue being righteous and he that is holy let him be holy still….

    2. Ellie says:

      Oh please. How has it injured any of you? Really? Whats sad is when people take it personally and use God to throw stones. Shame of everyone who thinks its their place to judge ray. Shame on you. Its even sickening the kind of hypocricy i’ve read here. Incase you havent noticed, he came out because of him. It was for him. His music is still fantastic even more so! If you liked his music then and no longer do now, then you have a huge problem. Seek help will you?

    3. rich says:

      im just sad for ray and im sad for what he was, im sad that he let me and all of us down, but most of all how he let god down, and youll never know how hurt i was when i heard that you was, i mean people mr boltz is the reason that i wanted to sing, it was god working threw him is why i wanted to sing,please every crist lik person who sees this pray for ray boltz, becouse im not letting the devil take any more of our broters and sisters away from our family i love you brother we all love ya, gods biggest fan,,,,, rich

    4. Keith says:

      I am saddened as well for Ray and his family. Yes, for the true Christian, God sees us through Christ as perfect. Yet, to call good what God calls evil or to give one’s self over to it is not good and right in God’s sight. No one would ever reasonably say that just because they struggle with stealing things that stealing is okay. No sin should be given a stamp of approval. If we do declare sin good, then we are in danger and going down the wrong path. If we find ourselves doing that, let us check to see if we truly are in the faith. If one finds that they are in the faith, they will submit to God, find out why one feels and thinks they way they do (counseling) and He will bring healing and enable them to walk in His way with the help of others (can’t do it alone…we need community).

    5. A sinner who is saved by grace through Christ Jesus says:

      I am saddened. I don’t know what other word I can use. God loves us all. He died for us because we could not defeat sin on our own. It took his suffering, his blood, his denial of self, and his obedience, even unto death. Forsaking what he may have wanted, or his comfort, he chose to die for us. This is HUGE. Now, we, in this life, struggle with sin. Every day we struggle, and most of the time we fail. We all fail. The difference is that we still struggle, we still fight, we still try. We try to do the right thing. We don’t just throw up our hands and expect the world to embrace our sin because we have fought our sin for what we deem “too long” and we don’t WANT to fight any more. We believe this act of giving up is embrassing WHAT we truly are. Aren’t you glad that Christ didn’t give up and proclaim that he had fought long enough, suffered long enough??? The word says to keep the faith UNTIL he comes again. Can’t we try?? Yes, it is hard. But, our sin does NOT define who we are. What our Lord and Saviour was willing to suffer through, GET IT, SUFFER THROUGH, for our salvation, defines our value to him. Isn’t that what being a Christian is all about?? Belonging to him. I love you Ray, God loves you. I will pray for you.

    6. Gray says:

      Oh! How easy it is to judge and not walk any length in another man’s shoes! Shame on all of you who have done so!

    7. Rick says:

      To those of you who keep using the “God is love” quote in order to support homosexual activity. Please continue reading. Yes God is love, far more than any of us will ever know. You really make cheap the love of God when you fail to acknowledge His other attributes which are also just as true. God is Holy, Righteous, Pure, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Just, Judge, Eternal, Wrath, etc, God is also a consuming fire! This is the same God who destroyed the whole earth by flood except for Noah’s family. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. Fear not those who can only destroy your body, but fear Him (God) who can destroy both your body and soul in hell (Matt 10:28)Jesus said that.

      Now to be clear, no matter who we are we have all been wretched sinners and all deserve to experience the wrath of God in hell for eternity. Sin against a God of infinite Love, Glory, Worth, Righteousness merits eternal punishment. That is why sin is soo horrible. We live in a society that drinks down iniquity like it is water. Not only have each of us broken the ten commandments whether physically or in our hearts, we have never loved the Lord our God with all our heart soul strength and mind which is the greatest commandment of all. For example, if someone where to make a DVD of your life, every deed and thought you have ever done, and displayed it in public you would run away and never show your face again. Each of us have thought things soo wicked that if our best friends knew some of the thoughts we have had toward them they would no longer be our friends. It’s true. And the Lord sees our thoughts and our hearts. Every unsaved person has a heart of stone and does not love God or seek Him. If they say that they do then they are worshiping a God that they have made in their own image. Talk about God is Love, He sure is, Every good thing we have is from Him, you cant even breath without Him. And yet in our sin all our lives we have done nothing but bite the Hand that feeds us. We have suppressed the Truth in unrighteousness. It is only in the great love and mercy of God that He tarries and has not already brought this sinful world to a fiery end with His wrath. God out of His own love has sent His own Son into the world in order to provide salvation for sinners. He could have written it all off and sent adam and eve to hell with the fallen angels and He would still be just as loving as He is now. Christ on that cross took upon Himself our sin and experienced the weight of Divine justice and wrath for sin. Isaiah 53:10-11 , it pleased the Lord to crush Him. Someone had to die a bloody, soul agonizing death. He who knew no sin became sin in our place so that we could be made righteous. He became a curse in our place. He call on all to repent and believe and to be born again by the Spirit.
      Its about regeneration. There are many who profess Christ who do not know Him. He will say depart from me i never knew you! Examine yourselves in light of scripture to see whether you are in the faith! 2 Cor 13:5. True believers are new creatures in Christ. Ezekial 36:25-27. They have a new nature. God has caused them to begin to hate the sin they once loved and to begin to love God and His righteousness whom they once hated. A true Christian will be sensitive and broken over his sin. It will repulse Him and he will wish to crucify it. He as a way of life will live in the light and and not in darkness. A true christian can sin at times and fall, but he cannot remain there, through the Spirit he will have more and more victory over sin and be growing more and more Christ like. There is no such thing as a continually carnal christian.

    8. irene says:

      I just want to post some questions to those who support gay life & i want u to refute it with the Word of God:
      i take my reference from the soul- piercing Rom 1.
      ( here is the crux) v24:”therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual immorality for the degrading of their bodies with one another.”
      1. Now who are ‘they’?: those who practice “sexual immorality”. And by Word of God what is sexual immorality?one for sure is ‘homosexuality’(v26,27)

      2. Then the Word of God explains the value of what they do in God’s sight:They “degrade their body”.can u find a ‘lower’word than ‘degrade’to describe oneself?

      3.Here is something that i found mind -blowing!
      ” God gave them over”!oh!God seems to have washed his hands off some people.Here, He doesnt seem to try to save from sin, but seem to have enough of them.i know my words seem without grace,but here God also seem not to show any grace.He says :”go on doing what u like,i am not going to correct”.It again says’he gave them over to a depraved mind,to do what ought not to be done’.Thats terrible!

      4. Now here is a very important point!v25: “they exchanged the truth of God for a lie.”
      What is the Truth?One Truth most frequently refered in the comments here is that “God loves sinners”. That is true!But poignantly they have twisted the Truth seamlessly into an undetectable Lie!The thing is,those who claim to be gay also seems to claim that they are christians.This leads to the Lie.The Lie is, God will continue to love u forever even if u go on sinning as a christian!! Now can u detect the hair-breadth b/w the Truth and the Lie?! Very difficult,isnt it?!

      There is again another word-play commonly used:”God hates sin but love sinners” Now this is a question for those who say one can be both christian and gay.I hope you are of the same view that being a christian is being born-again as a child of God.u become a child of God by repenting and turning away from ur sins and accepting Christ as ur personal Savior, who died for ur sins.So one thing is clear- that u were a sinner before u were born again.But the question is are u a sinner after? No,no longer. But u r righteous!Now the phrase changes.”God loves the righteous”
      Now what happens when ‘righteous’ go on sinning their ‘old sins’ or find new sins to go on doing.(I hope u noticed that i’m using the word “go on sinning”and that u’ve understood the relevance.)

      The ans is given in Rom 8:13.The writer speaks to the fellow believers calling them “brothers”.”For if u live according to the sinful nature u die;…”YOU DIE!

      Thus there is punishment of death in ‘christians’ who go on living in sin!!