Boston Bird Mystery Leads To Official Investigation


A Boston bird mystery has prompted an investigation by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Officials from the organization have revealed that on Thursday, they received several calls from residents in Dorchester claiming that dozens of birds just fell from the sky

People found dead birds, mainly common grackles on their lawns and sidewalks. Residents said it was a shocking scene as they watched the birds fall from the sky. Many of the animals appeared sick; others were thrashing, unable to fly, or simply unresponsive.

In a statement issued by Animal Rescue League of Boston, it was revealed that they picked a total of 40 dead birds and were able to save 6. Fifteen birds were taken to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, Massachusetts for further treatment and tests.

Lisa Timberlake, of Inspectional Services, said that animals in various states were sent to the State Lab for testing and results are expected next week. John Meaney, of Boston Inspectional Services, indicated that they have yet to solve the mystery surrounding the birds. He said:

“We started getting complaints about birds literally falling out of the sky.”

Julia Gunn, of the Boston Public Health Commission, added:

“At this point, there’s no indication that this is posing a threat to humans, but we are continuing to monitor.”

Inspectional Services said in a statement:

“More will be revealed when the tests come in.It could have been done innocently, I don’t want to think that someone is doing this intentionally, but we’re asking the whole neighborhood that, if anyone sees anything out of line, dial 311.”

Along with the birds, cats in the neighborhood became ill and died. Timberlake said that one cat had to be euthanized after falling ill. Two other cats were affected.

Officials are unsure if the animals were sick with the same virus that killed the birds. Until the investigation is complete, pet owners are being asked to monitor the situation. The theory being tossed out there is that the birds got sick after ingesting a pest-control poison.


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