Kuwait Parrot Exposes An Affair Between Husband And Maid


A parrot exposes an affair, but the police are not willing to listen to the angry wife nor the talkative bird. While this story may sound like a Saturday Night Live skit, several media outlets from Kuwait are reporting that a woman, who suspected that her husband was cheating with their housekeeper, recently got the confirmation she needed.

The wife claimed that her parrot was repeating hot and sexy phrases that her husband had never spoken to her. According to the wife, the bird heard her husband whisper these sweet words to his mistress.

The woman wasted no time and marched to a nearby police station with her feathered friend and reported the crime. Indeed, in the State of Kuwait, a country in Western Asia where the official religion is Islam, adultery is against the law. A person, who is caught cheating on their spouse, is jailed or has to face hard labor.

The authorities at the Hawally police station in Kuwait listened to the woman and her parrot and decided that they would not charge the husband with a crime. The officers told local media that they believe the bird heard the raunchy words on a soap opera or a radio show. According to the press, the police revealed:

“However, the prosecution officer said the case could not be regarded as a crime based on lack of credible evidence and could not be admitted in court, as it could not be proved that the bird had not heard the intimate conversation on TV or the radio.”

The frustrated woman says that she still suspects that her husband is cheating with their maid and he is doing it more than ever because he acted very strangely when he learned that she went to the police.

Some are wondering if pets are going to play a bigger role in divorces from now on.


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