Kala Brown Is Found Alive, Todd Kohlhepp Arrested In Missing Case


Kala Brown has been found alive and in good health after suffering a horrendous ordeal. According to the South Carolina police, Miss Brown was kidnapped and trapped by a sex offender, Todd Kohlhepp, who chained her like an animal.

Family members and friends claimed that about two months ago, Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, vanished. On Friday, thanks to a tip, police were able to locate Brown on a property that belongs to Kohlhepp. The suspect was arrested and will be facing kidnapping charges.

Brown was taking to a nearby hospital where she is being treated. It is not known if she was sexually assaulted. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said that they were able to find Brown after hearing her.

Brown told investigators that she and her boyfriend responded to an ad for a gig, Kohlhepp was looking for someone to help clean up his massive the property.

When they arrived at the 100-acre property, the crazed man shot Carver and chained Brown into a padlocked 30’ by 15’ metal container like a dog. He fed her bread and water and occasionally took her for walks. Daniel Herren, a family friend, who visited Brown at the hospital, said:

“He never took the chain off of her, but he was taking her around, let her get, not so much exercise, but let her walk around some. It didn’t sound like it was every day. It was kind of sporadic.”

Herren added:

“She was fed once a day around 6 p.m. She didn’t tell us exactly what she was eating. But from what I gathered, it could have been fast food. … It wasn’t like he was keeping her alive on bread and water. He was in a weird, sick kind of way being, I guess, kind of humane, as far as feeding her.”

Police stated that Carver, 32, is still missing. While searching the property, they discovered a body and police believe there might be at least three more. Authorities said:

“We were trying to make sure that we don’t have a serial killer on our hands.”

Investigators said they also found numerous loaded weapons on the property. Public records showed that a 1986 kidnapping landed Kohlhepp on the sex offender registry. He served 14 years for the crime and was released in 2001.


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