Tower Of Terror Closing On Jan. 2, Will Be Replaced By Guardians Of The Galaxy Ride

Tower of Terror closing Disney

Disney’s Tower of Terror is closing after 12 years. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, better known as the Tower of Terror, which is located at Disney’s California Adventure Park, will be gone on January 2, 2017.

The first version of the Tower of Terror, which was inspired by Rod Serling‘s iconic TV series, The Twilight Zone, opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World in July 1994.

The creepy and successful attraction was also launched in Japan and France. Those drop tower dark rides will remain open. The entrance of the Tower of Terror appears as a normal hotel, but once out of the elevator, visitors are greeted by 1930s jazz music and weirdness begins.

Here is a description of what takes place inside the Tower of Terror:

“They walk through a cracked, serpentine pathway which leads to the hotel.The path then meanders past the hotel entrance, crumbling statuary. The lobby is draped in cobwebs and throughout it, are various examples of the hotel’s abrupt closure: a table set with tea and stale pastries and abandoned luggage. Behind the concierge desk are elevators in a dilapidated state; a sign that reads “Out of Order”. Guests are informed that their rooms are not ready yet and are then taken the hotel library, which is home to the hotel’s collection of books, an old television set, and various pieces of Twilight Zone memorabilia.Through the window, guests observed a severe thunderstorm raging outside.”

Moreover, this is where the real fun or should we say scare starts:

“With a crash of lightning, the power suddenly goes out, except for the television set which plays the opening sequence from The Twilight Zone, followed by a “lost episode” hosted by Rod Serling. The episode depicts the events of the Halloween night in 1939 that lead to the closure of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. On that evening, while a severe thunderstorm was raging, five people boarded the hotel’s elevator from the lobby. While inside, a lightning bolt struck the hotel, causing the guests to vanish and the elevator to crash. Serling comments that the storm currently outside is similar to the one of 1939. He invites the guests, to board the elevator and uncover the dark secret of the Hollywood Tower Hotel. The television then turns off and the guests are directed through to the boiler room, where they await the service elevator’s arrival.”

Before the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror closes permanently, Disney has decided to offer visitors one last special treat for Halloween.

Starting September 9, visitors will be experiencing what is being called the Late Check-Out where the Tower will be toured in the dark.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will be replaced by Guardians Of The Galaxy, Mission: Breakout ride that will open next summer.


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