Mike Pence: Hillary Clinton Is The Most ‘Dishonest’ Candidate Since Richard Nixon

Mike Pence Hillary Clinton

Mike Pence thinks Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee for president, is one of the most dishonest candidates in modern history. The staunch conservative has launched his most direct attack on Clinton yet in a new interview that will be airing on Sunday.

Mr. Pence, the GOP candidate for vice president, told NBC’s Meet the Press that Clinton is the “the most dishonest candidate for President of the United States since Richard Nixon.” The governor was reacting to the latest development in the email scandal that has rocked the campaign of the former secretary of state in recent months. When the host of the program Chuck Todd asked Pence if the charge was not exaggerated, he explained:

“What’s evident from all of the revelations over the last several weeks is that Hillary Clinton operated in such a way to keep her emails, and particularly her interactions while Secretary of State with the Clinton Foundation, out of the public reach, out of public accountability.”

Pence, who seems to be pushing a parallel campaign, did not address the fact that his running mate Donald Trump is not really considered honest by the American public if the latest polls are to be believed. Some pundits have described this election as a race to the bottom. The goal is not to win but disqualify the opponent.

According to political experts, the outcome of the election in November will be positive for Pence no matter what happens. If the GOP ticket wins, he will become vice president. If they lose, his parallel campaign will serve as an introduction to a potential 2020 run. Mr. Trump is also hedging his bets; reports suggest that he might launch a conservative media network if things do not go his way with some help from Fox News founder Roger Ailes, who recently left the company over sexual harassment allegations.


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